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   Chapter 315 Black Beetle

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"What I am talking about is talent degree. Why do you keep on asking me such an easy question?" Finley rolled his eyes towards Darren.

"Talent degree?" Darren furrowed his eyebrows quizzically. Suddenly, he was hit with a wave of realization. He had forgotten that talent was the base of the martial world. No wonder the master with a big golden hand kept on reminding him that he should make the best of his assimilation skill.

Darren recalled how fascinated he was when he read about those ancient superior talents on a brochure. He couldn't help but gasp in administration as he flipped through the pages. He couldn't figure out why those superior talents were able to make such great achievements in history.

For example, at just the age of fifteen, Finley had already reached the Grand Realm. By the time he was twenty years old, he had refined the holy body. How shocking was that?

"So what level of talent degree have you reached? The ninth level of the Heaven Degree?" Darren asked out loud. He was beaming with curiosity.

"Ha-ha!" Finley couldn't help but let out a chuckle at his oblivious question. "Do you really think that the level nine of the Heaven Degree is the top level in talent? Let me tell you one thing. The talent of level nine of the Heaven Degree means nothing more than a worthless trash in martial art world."

Darren's eyes widened in surprise as he stared incredulously at Finley. The realization that there was a level higher than the Heaven Degree left him dumbfounded.

"You mean that there are some super geniuses in the world who are superior to those masters whose talent have reached the Heaven Degree?" Darren asked, subconsciously voicing out his thoughts.

"That's right. And that is the secret behind those super masters in the history," Finley calmly replied as if he just didn't share some mind-blowing information to Darren.

"Well, I see. Can you tell me what kind of talent is that?" Darren asked.

"My talent is the most powerful one in the world—the Genuine Domain Degree!" Finley's heart swelled with pride as he explained. "Talent can be graded at different levels. A person whose talent is at the Genuine Domain Degree is able to absorb spiritual energy from other unknown fields. Thus, it is way more powerful than the spiritual energy that you normally absorb from the sky and earth only in your world.

Actually, there are some martial artists whose talents are far more powerful than my talent, but I don't know much about them."

Upon hearing Finley's explanation, Darren pieced together the obvious reality. He realized that it was because of the powerful martial art talent enabled those super talents to have such great achievements in history. He recognized the importance of improving his talent as it played such an important role.

"Darren, do you think that I must be a rare talent since I had been in the Sky Chart of the Talent Roll before?" Finley suddenly asked.

"Yes. You ranked the number three in the Sky Chart of the Talent Roll at that time. Did it mean that you are almost the best in your era? There are few people who can match your power," Darren immediately responded, as he was certain Finley was among the top superior talents in his era.

"Ha-ha." Finley burst out laughing. He must have thought Darren was so clueless. "You should remember that only those who

said angrily, his heart filling with rage.

"Well, there is one thing I want to ask you. That beetle you were talking about, what does it look like?"

"It is just an insect. What else do you expect it to be?" Water Kylin randomly waved his claws in the air and tried to explain what it looked like.

"You are such an idiot." Darren and Finley rolled their eyes at Water Kylin at the same time. "Does it look like this?" Darren asked as he turned on the demon core.

He activated his demonic transformation skill. In no time, his entire body was covered with black shell. The killing vibe that emitted from his body was a lot stronger than earlier.

"Huh? Holy crap. Master, are you a black beetle too?!" Water Kylin's eyes grew wider.

"You idiot, I have used demonic transformation skill before. You have seen that, haven't you? How could you forget about that?" Darren railed at him. He looked at him disapprovingly.

"Oh. No wonder I felt something familiar with that black beetle when I first met it. So you and the black beetle are of the same kind." Water Kylin hummed and stared at Darren with a look of complete disdain.

"Get lost! We are gonna give you a good kick!" Darren and Finley lunged their fists towards Water Kylin. Water Kylin moved defensively.

"Boo-hoo. You guys are bullying me. You guys promised that none of you will hit me again! Now you can't keep your word. Your human beings are all bastards!" Water Kylin murmured in a pitiful tone. His voice was resentful from their betrayal.

Darren let out an embarrassed cough. He covered his mouth and shifted his eyes to the opposite direction. "You asked for it and you only have yourself to blame,"

Darren said as he approached Water Kylin. "Can you come with me? I might have some good ways that can get us into the Devil Den. You can guard on the outside, so you can help me when we are in danger." He reached out his hands and stroked Water Kylin's head tenderly as if he was petting a dog.

"Humph!" Water Kylin gave out a snort and said, "There is no changing in your mind, huh? I knew I will die one day because of you."

Darren disregarded his retort and used his spiritual sense to transfer both of them out of the Ancient Void Battlefield.

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