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   Chapter 314 The Real Reason (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-23 02:06

"Believe me, boy! I promise only to kill my enemies after I recover. And I will not kill anyone else, especially those who are innocent! As for the two mortal enemies that I have, it would be hard for me to kill them even if I regain my strength. I need more time to focus on my cultivation."

"I see. If you need my help when you have trouble facing your enemies, please let me know. I'm sure to give you a hand," assuring Grand Blood Refiner, Darren nodded and replied.

"Good! I will count on that! If you are right to your words to help me when I fight against my enemies, I will ask your favor frankly when I need one. But for now, I have to leave. See you outside the space." Finishing his words, Grand Blood Refiner disappeared in the thin air. He needed to find a quiet place to restore his strength and activate the jade card.


In the following days, Darren was not in a hurry to leave as he had another thing to deal with. That was to find the dead body that fell into the Devil Den. He was eager to get the dead body out, whether it was Hanson or Mathew. The story from the older man made him so curious that he couldn't wait to uncover the truth behind all the questions he had.

But, looking at the other side of it, Darren knew that it was perilous to get into the Devil Den by himself now. So he cultivated himself here patiently, in hopes of regaining the force of control so that he could open the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Pulling up his strength this time, Darren checked with his spiritual sense and saw that everything was going well in the Ancient Void Battlefield. The Water Kylin had recovered with the help of Finley.

The only odd thing he notice

e improve so much in such a short time? My magic herbs have been used up by you already. But you are still improving at such a high speed."

As Darren asked that, he sensed that at that moment, Finley was about to advance to being a four-star grand warrior.

"Shit! Darren. Are you really so stupid not to know the reason?" Hearing Darren's question, Finley was surprised and gave Darren a quizzical look.

"What? What do you mean by that? Is there something I need to know?" A furrowed brow appeared on Darren's face as he was stunned by what he had heard from Finley. Yet, Finley just gave him an embarrassed smile as he dared not be arrogant to Darren. After all, he knew that Darren had the force and the control of the Ancient Void Battlefield. It would be very easy for him to punish Finley. He could just cast one spell to make him lose everything.

"Quickly! Tell me the exact reasons!" a little upset this time, Darren shouted with a weaning smile.

"Okay. I will do as you say, master." Sensing the threat in Darren's words, Finley nodded his head hurriedly and prepared himself to tell Darren the truth.

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