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   Chapter 313 The Real Reason (Part One)

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"He did that to obtain the blade core and the sword core from my master!" The older man gave Darren the reason with a horror-struck expression on his face.

"To obtain the blade core and the sword core? But why did he do that? He didn't seem to need those cores, did he? Plus, even if he needs the blade core and the sword core, he can obtain them from other blade and sword cultivators. Why did he kill his own brother?" Clouded by the turn of events, Darren still could not understand how Mathew afforded to kill Hanson.

"No, he can't! He can't just rob other cultivators of their blade core and sword core. As to what we have learned, that bad guy, Mathew, has acquired some evil methods to make puppets with the blade and the sword cores from the same body. That kind of puppet is lifeless at first. It is nothing more than just but a toy. Mathew was desperate to bring the vile creature to life, especially when he got to know that the puppet could inherit its master's cultivation base. In short, the cultivator's spirit and power will be caught inside the puppet. Moreover, the puppet will not get the punishment of nature because of the integrating of the blade intent and the sword intent.

If Mathew can make such a puppet successfully, he will own a powerful killing tool, and no one can defeat him," the older man explained to Darren, not missing a single point.

"That sounds kind of reasonable. Being bloodthirsty, he had the reason to kill Hanson if he had learned such an evil method," Grand Blood Refiner said calmly.

At that moment, Darren was almost convinced to believe the whole story. However, he always had such a feeling that Mathew was not that kind of man.

"Is there anything we did not know about what really happened?" Darren asked

his world, the stronger one is always respected. Your strength now has been close to a grand warrior like me. I am flattered that you regarded me as your friend." Grand Blood Refiner smiled bitterly. In his head, he had nothing but pure admiration and praise for the young warrior.

"It is not a big deal for me. That is nothing compared to the help you have given me," with a sheepish smile, Darren uttered back. Then he went on saying, "As per the Primitive Stones you need, I will ask my friends for help after we get out of here. What they have will surely be enough to heal you."

"Nice. I am feeling bad as there is some force suppressing me slowly in Raksa Sea. So I will get out of here now. After you collect the Primitive Stones, you can summon me by activating the bead I gave you. When you do that I can sense it and will come to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance," Grand Blood Refiner cupped his hands to Darren and said.

"Okay. I will summon you to take the Primitive Stones after I finish collecting them. But don't kill innocent people after you recover your strength. I am begging you," Darren said to Grand Blood Refiner with a serious look.

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