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   Chapter 312 What Was The Truth (Part Two)

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"Hmm. Do you really want to know?" the elder asked and forced a bitter smile. "Mathew is a brutal and relentless bastard. He is unworthy of being my master's brother. Young man, I believe that you are not lying to me. But he, Matthew, did lie to you. He was trying to take advantage of you for his goals to be realized."

Looking at Darren's eyes this time, the elder continued, "He didn't really mean to find his dead body. Instead, what he wanted was my master's dead body. It was Mathew who killed my master several thousand years ago and pushed his dead body into the Devil Den."

"Mathew killed Hanson?" asked Darren as he was totally confused at the moment. Darren was extremely surprised. The elder's words were completely different from what Mathew had told him. However, he could sense that the elder was telling the truth. He was severely injured now. He was about to die, and it would be meaningless for him to tell a lie.

"Hanson is such a genius who has always been considered number one in the past ten thousand years. However, he chose to cultivate both the blade skills and the sword skills together, which led him to his death. What a pity!" Grand Blood Refiner said. Even the Grand Blood Refiner who stood aside had ever heard about the story of Hanson.

"As for Mathew, he might be well-known at that time. However, as time passed by, there were fewer and fewer people praising and glorifying him. In other words, compared to Hanson, Mathew was not talented or strong enough for other people to remember him forever. How did he manage to kill Hanson in the end?" Grand Blood Refiner asked. It was also what Darren was curious about.

"Haha. You all think that Mathew was just an ordinary seven-star grand warrior without anything special, don't you? You are completely wrong. What he had done was a great a

him. Judging from Grand Blood Refiner's past performance, his words must be valid. Even if his words were not true, Darren didn't care. Everyone had his own distinct experience, and Darren didn't need to care too much about that.

"Yes. At the moment when I saw you exert your Bloodshed Domain, I was doubting that you were practicing the martial skill, which was the same as Mathew's," the elder said.

"At that time, except for my master, Mathew was the top one in the Medium Spiritual World. But he never came to fight against my master so as not to let my master know who he was," the elder added amidst gasping breaths.

"Did you know why Mathew contrived to kill his brother on purpose? Do you really believe that his only reason to murder his brother was to cultivate his Killing Martial Skill? Absolutely not!" After these words, Darren knew that the elder was going to tell them the primary reason why Mathew had done the horrible act of killing his brother.

Darren listened and waited quietly, not interrupting the older man in any way. He didn't like being cheated or being taken advantage of by others. Thus as much as possible, he wanted to clear things about the real deal and get done with it.

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