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   Chapter 311 What Was The Truth (Part One)

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After what happened, Darren started to be cautious. Making sure that he used his power efficiently this time, he began activating his dark gold internal force.

When the force was building up inside him, Darren started to initiate internal force of the blade and sword. At that moment, his integrated dark gold internal force of blade and sword, flooded towards the old man with such extreme pressure.

"Ha! How do I forget that Darren just broke through the repression of cultivating both the sword and blade skills together? Now he gains more strength! That is unbelievable!" Grand Blood Refiner said. After moments of realization, he soon understood that what he just said was true. His mind was now filled with praises and extreme adoration for Darren. Yet, as he looked up the sky, his heart was still fluttering with fear whenever he thought about the dark lightning caused by Darren's force. Now, for the second time, Darren let out the same force again. Grand Blood Refiner knew that If the horrible lightning came back, it would be nothing but dreadful.

However, observing the sky for a while now, Grand Blood Refiner was expecting to see something horrible. He was relieved, however, when he didn't see anything strange. Pulling out a breath of relief, the blood refiner felt at ease.

On the other end, the elder's premium sword intent was on the top level. The sword intent was reinforced and enhanced to its optimal state. Combined with the elder's legendary sword skill, his sword intent crashed against Darren's dark gold internal force.

Following the callous clash, hundreds of blasts fluttered away. The impact force was so strong that even the Grand Blood Refiner lost his balance and had to move backward. He was forced to unleash his domain to protect himself from the impact force.

A collection of smoke and dust rose into the air and covered everything up to the

d warrior. How can he be dead that easily?"

Without letting Darren answer the question, the elder ranted another question while shouting angrily.

"Believe it or not, the reason why I come here today is that a hint of his soul entrusted me to come and find his dead body." Darren didn't explain too much. Because he knew that the elder would let out everything he knew.

"Did you really meet him before?" the elder suddenly calmed down and asked. This time, he looked at Darren with a serious look in his eyes.

"Of course. Why would I lie about that? I don't need to prove anything to you. Here, he gave me a notebook. You can have a look and see if you can recognize the handwriting." While saying that, Darren took out the note which Mathew had given him and handed it to the elder.

"Ah!" As soon as the elder saw the handwriting on the notebook, he couldn't help but quiver and move backward to maintain his footings. In his eyes showed a strong feeling of hatred. With a heated expression on his face, he exclaimed, "It's him, the old fucking bastard!"

"Sir, could you please tell me what happened? Mathew and Hanson are brothers. How could it be possible that they wanted to kill each other?" Darren asked the elder with heightened confusion.

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