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   Chapter 310 Darren Tested His Own Strength (Part Two)

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'Shit! If that old man hadn't gotten into a big fight with Grand Blood Refiner, and he hadn't been restrained by his domain, I would have been dead, ' Darren thought to himself, terrified. He felt his broken bones and thought that he could have suffered far worse than this if the old man had not been restricted. Darren knew that if that punch came from a grand warrior whose strength was at his peak stage in cultivation, his instant death was an absolute certainty.

'I should be careful now, ' Darren thought. Even though several his breastbones were broken, he shrugged it off like it was not a big deal. Since he had experienced all kinds of pain and suffering, this was nothing new to him. He immediately transferred his power again and blew towards the old man.

This time, he combined his bloodline force with the blade and sword at the exact same time. His power was as strong as that of a cultivator at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm!

Darren thought that since the old man looked rather feeble, he might stand a chance of winning against the old man when his power was equivalent to the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm.

The old man went into panic state when he found himself enveloped by Darren's powerful blade and sword intent. He struggled to find for release but he couldn't find a way out.

He transferred his power and randomly and thoughtlessly blew attacks towards Darren. He had lost his composure under the pressure of Darren's attack.

"Feeling hard to sustain? Try this one!" As Darren flew towards the old man, eight avatars suddenly appeared in the sky. Darren had formed this additional eight versions of him to overwhelm the old man with attacks.

Nine shadows of Darren attacked the old man at the same time and kept on


Feeling the surge of the old man's fierce power, Grand Blood Refiner expressed a faint smile on his face.

"Ha-ha. His sword intent has reached the top level of premium stage. He is indeed powerful!"

The old man combined his sword intent with a legendary martial skill. He transferred all his power into his sword and repeatedly attacked Darren with his sword.

"The old man's sword intent is indeed strong. But this one movement of his sword will use up all his power. If he can't defeat Darren by then, he will be too worn out. He will not stand a chance of winning and Darren will smash him to pieces," Grand Blood Refiner calmly analyzed the fight, his lips turning upward into a slight smile.

The old man's sword intent was so strong that it was nearly equal to the eighty percent power of a one-star grand warrior who reached the top level in cultivation base. Grand Blood Refiner thought that Darren had no choice left but to run away from the old man's attack. Even if his life would be at risk once he fled away, it was the only way for him to survive. Because he would doom to fail if he insisted on sustaining the old man's strong intense sword.

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