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   Chapter 309 Darren Tested His Own Strength (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-22 00:12

"Darren, you can't defeat him. I had fought with him, and both of us were badly injured. He has reached the Grand Realm. Even if you have some secret weapons, I'm afraid that you won't stand a chance in defeating him," the Grand Blood Refiner said glumly as he dodged the old man's powerful attack. He felt defeated because both of them were no match to the old man despite any hidden skills or weapons they used. When Grand Blood Refiner arrived here, he sensed that Darren's dark gold internal force was indeed flowing with power.

However, despite the great power he was sensing from the dark gold internal force, he was worried that Darren's cultivation base was not high enough to compete with a grand warrior. Needless to say that it wouldn't make any difference if his cultivation base was still low.

Even though the grand warrior was badly hurt and was unable to use his real strength, Darren still couldn't defeat him within his capabilities. He would still end up in an overwhelming defeat.

"Ha-ha." Darren let out a humorous laughter. Darren walked towards Grand Blood Refiner. His eyes were beaming with confidence when he replied, "Sir, there is no need to worry. Even if I can't defeat him, he can't inflict a damage to me either."

"Humph. You are nothing but a loser." The old man gave out a loud snort, his lips twitched from the obvious mockery. He then swiftly lunged at Darren once again.

"Fine. You should earn some experience too. If you can't defeat him, I will help you with it!" Grand Blood Refiner replied exasperatedly. He set aside his uncertainty and let Darren take over the fight. He didn't insist on this point anymore and chose to believe Darren.

"Ice sword intent!" Darren let out a loud roar. In a split second, an enormous sword intent was blown towards the old

kill and generated intense pressure to disturb Darren.

"Not necessary yet!" Darren retorted. He then countered the old man's attack with his own strength. "Augmented Attack Bloodline!"

A hint of green blood started to flow inside his body and a strange power passed through Darren's meridians.

"Ice sword intent!" When Darren combined his bloodline force and the ice sword intent, his ice sword intent's power increased ten-fold. It became much more powerful than it used to be.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the entire barren island shook so violently that it produced such a loud disturbing sound. Howling wind started to pick up and numerous dust and dirt floated in the sky. In the blink of an eye, the whole world had turned dark and gloomy.

"Go to hell!" Darren cried. He released his attack and the powerful blow came rushing to the old man.

To Darren's surprise, the old man didn't dodge Darren's attack and stayed rooted to his place. Instead, he slapped towards Darren with all his force.

A sharp crack was heard coming from Darren's body.

Several of Darren's breastbones were broken and he was thrown away by the old man's intense power. He clutched his chest painfully.

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