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   Chapter 308 A Golden Hand

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The two figures on the desolate island shrouded in purple mist stopped their violent fighting and looked up at the black thunder in the sky.

"How terrifying." Jesse, the old man, stared at the sky and muttered to himself, "Even if my master was here, he wouldn't survive from this. Cultivating conflicting martial arts skills is against natural rules."

There was a sort of relief in his eyes as he gazed at the shocking scene.

"Alas. Even if my master hadn't died under a sneak attack, he still wouldn't have had a happy ending. I've harbored a profound hatred for the attacker over the years, but what on earth did I hate? Is it meaningful?" He lowered his head as he said these words in frustration, making him look a lot older than before.

Grand Blood Refiner stared at the terrifying scene. His expression was unreadable. 'I have been cultivating and hiding for so many years. I wasn't expecting that I'll die now. What a shame that I haven't taken revenge on my enemy, ' he thought.

Besides Grand Blood Refiner and Jesse, all the creatures in the Raksa Sea felt the looming aura of death. However, instead of being alarmed and going into a state of panic, they were calm and at peace—almost welcoming towards their death.

There was a loud thunderous noise.

Flashes of black lightning tore the sky open, creating numerous rifts in the space above.

It was impossible for human beings to fight against such strong power.

Darren stood there quietly, waiting to be turned into ashes. There was no other choice.

Black lighting struck the ground, giving the impression of a mountain crumbling to the ground.

Suddenly, something had started to happen.

Darren experienced an extreme pain in his head and nearly passed out, barely just blinking in and out of consciousness.

A golden hand had appeared out of nowhere and covered the entirety of the world.

It settled itself in front of the atrocious black lightning and slapped it towards the sky—farther, even. The scene was too far away from the ground thus all the people and other creatures below could only see it vaguely. It appeared that something in the sky was continuously collapsing and then finally vanished.

"It's the weird stone from inside my head!" Darren suddenly had a moment of epiphany. The strange stone did something and then the golden hand appeared in the sky to save everyone.

All the creatures in the Raksa Sea were shocked by the unbelievable scene. Even the golden monkey in the deep sea stared open-mouthed and wide-eyed at the sky. He was impressed at whoever was responsible for that golden hand, thinking that whoever it was must have had a powerful cultivation base.

Within a few moments, the sky became clear and the sun was shining once again. The black lightning had disappeared and so h

e Heaven Degree? Won't my realm be upgraded quickly?'

He breathed out a sigh of relief. However, he still had questions about Mathew. He sorted out his thoughts then flew back towards the desolate island shrouded in purple mist.

He flew at top speed and

in a blink of the eye, he had reached the desolate island and landed on the ground.

The black lightning appeared and the golden hand quickly slapped it into the sky. The whole thing didn't take much time. Grand Blood Refiner and Jesse were still standing there and hadn't gotten over their shock when a figure releasing unreadable aura suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Darren!" Grand Blood Refiner's eyes flashed in excitement and relief as soon as he saw Darren.

"Y-you didn't die! How... how was that possible?" Jesse was surprised and incredibly shocked to see Darren. He couldn't believe the fact that he didn't die. "T-the golden hand came to save you, save you…" he continued to mutter.

He couldn't believe Darren had survived from the thunder and lightning that appeared because of the Heavenly Repression. After all, even if his master had been there, he would have died.

"Mr. Li, you wanted to kill me. I can let it go, but you must give me an explanation first," Darren solemnly said, glaring icy daggers at Jesse. With his upgraded cultivation base, he was not afraid of Jesse anymore—he was ready to confront him.

"Explanation? Do you think I will be afraid of you just because you went through all that difficultly? Why should I made an explanation to you?" Jesse was infuriated. He lifted his arm and tried to send an attack towards Darren.

Grand Blood Refiner immediately stood in front of Darren, ready to fight Jesse. However, a white hand pushed him away and an indifferent voice came from behind him. "You can have a rest, sir. I can take care of him," Darren said.

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