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   Chapter 307 Break Through To The Wonder Realm

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Darren immediately flew towards Water Kylin and caught him.

Darren had no idea what Water Kylin had been through. He had been severely injured three times. Now, he looked deathly pale. It seemed that Water Kylin needed to rest and heal his injuries.

'Thanks a lot, ' Darren quietly thought to himself. His heart ached when he saw how many wounds covered the creature's body.

He lifted the Water Kylin on his shoulder and flew towards a quiet and safe island.

"He must be in agony because of his injuries. I need to place him in the Ancient Void Battlefield as soon as possible. Otherwise, his life will be in danger," Darren nervously muttered.

But no matter how hard he tried, with his current strength, he still couldn't open the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Unsure of how to help the creature, Darren placed Water Kylin in a safe area. He thought that after several hours, he could probably force open the Ancient Void Battlefield. Before that, Darren needed to complete a rather important matter. Now that he had collected an abundance of Primitive Stones, he had to prepare to break through to the Wonder Realm.

"After waiting for so long, I'm finally about to reach the Wonder Realm," Darren murmured. Although on the outside, he appeared calm, on the inside, Darren felt anxious.

Even though he had the Primitive Stones, it didn't mean that the breakthrough process would be smooth sailing from here. A person always faced several crises when cultivating conflicting martial arts skills.

But he was left with no choice except to keep moving forward. He spent four hours absorbing spiritual herbs and recovering from his injuries.

As Darren assimilated the spiritual energy, a deafening sound came from the sky. It was a sign that indicated that Darren was about to break through to the Wonder Realm.

The power released was more intense than that of ordinary people who were about to break through to the Wonder Realm.


An enormous amount of spiritual energy descended from the sky and entered Darren's body.

"Let's get started!" Darren shouted. He sat on the giant Primitive Stone and prepared for the breakthrough. Once the spiritual energy entered his body and turned into the blade and sword intent, he would immediately use the Primitive Stones to combine them.

During the breakthrough process, Darren had to remember to improve the level of his sword core and blade core inside his body. Since he had done it before when he was in the Ancient Void Battlefield, it would be like a walk in the park for him.

The blade core and sword core could be categorized based on colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Currently, Darren's blade core and sword core were at the orange level.

Once his blade core and sword core levels improved, with the practice of proper martial

n Rule couldn't allow the ice and flame intents to combine.

Since the ice and flame intents were attached to his blade core and sword core, as the level of his cores improved, the level of the ice and flame intents also upgraded. The ice and flame intents were more powerful than they used to be and became more destructive to his body.

Darren felt that his elixir field was about to explode. The unbearable pain tortured his soul and body.

Despite the agony coursing through him, Darren didn't want to give up and wait for death. Although he didn't stand a winning chance, he wanted to fight for himself.

"Open the Ancient Void Battlefield!" Darren roared. After opening the Ancient Void Battlefield by force, Darren gathered Water Kylin and ran inside.

Once inside the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren looked up at the sky. The black lightning was so intense that it broke through the layers of space. The Ancient Void Battlefield didn't affect the lightning. It kept on expanding and circling in the sky.

"Darren!" Finley shouted. He flashed across the sky and headed for Darren. However, he stopped when he was ten thousand feet away from Darren.

Totally dumbfounded by the experience, Finley stood as still as a rock. He trembled with sheer terror. He felt as though the strange aura Darren was emitting would tear him apart. When Finley looked up at the sky, he saw numerous flashes of black lightning. They were so frightening that he felt as though the lightning would destroy everything in the world.

Even the little boy with dark eyes knelt on the ground and shivered with fear.

Darren couldn't help but smile bitterly. He was afraid that everyone would die with him, and no one would be able to rescue them.

Even if Darren didn't enter the Ancient Void Battlefield, if he died, the Ancient Void Battlefield would shatter, and everyone in it would be killed.

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