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   Chapter 306 The Help From Grand Blood Refiner

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"Why does the old man wanted to kill me?" Darren was puzzled at the older man's odd behavior. Worst was, the man's killing intent was growing more and more intense and almost made him suffocate.

"It's time to end your life. After all, your life is just painful and boring. I'm helping you to your freedom, boy. I hope you don't blame me for your death," yakked the older man.

While saying that, the older man punched Darren's face with a high strength equaled to that of the grand warrior.


Despite the formidable attack, Darren wouldn't yield and refused to remain still while the older man was beating him up to death. He wouldn't allow himself to die even if he was wounded. Determined to fight back, he tried his best to mobilize his dark gold internal force to resist the older man's attack.

When his dark gold internal force plowed into the older man's fist, the older man's domain shattered, and a shower of stars fell from the sky. Of course, they were not the real stars but the illusion of his opponent's domain.

Contrariwise, Darren's dark gold internal force was wholly suppressed by the older man's domain in a moment. He didn't expect that such an older man had such potent strength.

"In terms of martial arts, you're nothing compared to my original master. Even he had failed and died, let alone you. So, stop struggling!" the old man continued. The words that poured out from the older man's mouth and the demeaning remarks about him irritated Darren up to the point that the sweats formed on his forehead out of anger.

"You're a lunatic, and you will be a dead old man when I am done with you! My fate is none of your business. What does my future matter to you? You're just making an excuse for your cold-blooded murder," Darren yelled angrily.

"Give up now! Life is meaningless and dangerous for ants like you. They get themselves busy with every day, and then, in the end, they would just be crushed to death. You are as inferior as an ant. I have to help you out for your sake. Do you understand?" enraged this time, the older man bawled. The expression he wore on his face showed that he was eager to put an end to Darren's life.

Unable to believe what he was hearing, Darren kept his silence. His strength was drained, and he could not afford to lose some more. Thus he opted not to resist as well. Beforehand, if it were not because of Darren's conflicting blade and sword skills which had caught the older man's attention, he might have already been killed by his domain skill. After all, the older man's cultivation stage was in the Grand Realm.

'Oh, yes. I still have a chance to survive, ' Darren thought momentarily. Although in such a crisis, he was not flustered and was thinking about how to escape and save himself from the older man's wrath.

Having thought of something, he took out a blood-red bead from his Space Ring at once. He couldn't take away his eyes from the shimmering red pearl as it was his last resort.

"The Grand Blood Refiner, help! Help me!" Performing one swift move with his body, Darren transmitted his spiritual sense to the bead desperately.

"Free yourself, kid!" Saying this, the older man raised his hand at Darren once more, giving him a more lucid attack this time.

"Stop!" On the spur of the moment, a weird voice

elper in the first place.

"All right, all right. Calm down now, my master! Let's see what I've got for you first," the Water Kylin chuckled. Though he had a mirthful tone while he was speaking, he also looked weak and miserable with badly mutilated paws. The skin just below his stomach was wounded, and blood was dripping out of the wounds.

When he noticed all this, Darren's anger at the poor creature, ceased. It was replaced with pity when he realized that the Water Kylin had also been in danger and was seriously injured.

Thinking about it, Darren even lamented that the fellow, though a nuisance, was so pathetic that he was being beaten up most of the time.

"What did you say? Can you make it faster? I'm about to faint. Take me to a safer place then!" Darren ordered in a complaining voice.

"Yes, master, here it is!" the Water Kylin said and opened his mouth. A black stone flew out of his mouth and floated in the air.

To Darren's surprise, the small stone that came out of the Water Kylin's mouth grew into the size of a small hill.

With his eyes wide, Darren was stunned, staring at the black stone as he sensed the massive volume of Heavenly Repression Rule that it contained.

"What a huge Primitive Stone is that! And it contains the Heavenly Repression Rule. Unbelievable!" he muttered.

Such a vast Primitive Stone was almost equivalent to more than ten thousand pieces of small stones, which were stored inside his Space Ring.

"Where did you get that?" Looking at the Water Kylin, Darren asked, unable to hide his disbelief.

"Damn, it's a long story. I wanted to pursue a female Kylin, but she turned out to be an illusion or a trap. When I ran away from that deception to save myself, I found this stone and brought it back for you," replied the Water Kylin while gasping for air.

"Owwww! It hurts! Am I going to die this time?

I'm so smart and brave, yet my life is so short..." Water Kylin's voice gradually diminished. Darren noticed that the beast had difficulty in breathing, and he seemed to be losing his balance.

As Darren took a closer look at him, he found the beast's eyes lost their vitality, and he fell unconscious into the boundless sea.

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