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   Chapter 305 Is There More To The Story

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Sensing danger, Darren cast his Blade and Sword Domain and looked around warily.

"Come out!" he barked.

There was a croaky laughter. "At last someone had come. It's been years," an old gravelly voice warbled.

The purple mist gradually dissipated and a ragged old man came into view.

The old man's hair was untidy and long, dragging on the ground. He was gaunt and his skin, corroded by the mist, was unsightly.

"Who are you?" Darren's brows were furrowed into a scowl.

The old man brushed his tangled hair aside and revealed a face as hollow as a skeleton. He looked at Darren, with a steady stream of muddy tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Who am I? Ha! Who am I?" The old man laughed in tears, looking like a madman.

Darren did not know that there was a human being on this island. There were even two other sets of bleached skeletons right next to the old man. There had apparently been three people stranded on this island.

"Sir, do you need any help?" Darren asked, eyes still watching the old man vigilantly.

The old man continued to laugh for a while before replying, "Yes, very much. You must have a jade card with you for teleportation. Give it to me, boy, give it to me!"

At that moment, Darren saw mixed feelings from the old man's muddy eyes—happiness, sadness, and killing intent.

"Sir, I can cut those chains that are binding you, but I have only one jade card for teleportation. I'm afraid I can't give it to you." Darren tried to explain. A few moments later, he suddenly found himself confined to the old man's domain, unable to escape.

"Boy, I've been waiting so long for this day. Do you have a family? I will give them endless gifts when I get out of here. In return, you may rest here." The old man stared wide-eyed at Darren, his festering hands trembling with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

"There seems to be no need for us to go on talking, sir."

Looking into the old man's expectant and murderous eyes, Darren knew that no matter what he said, the old man was determined to kill him for the jade card.

Darren's momentum exploded with a loud rumble.

He simultaneously released the flame blade intent and the ice sword intent, causing the whole deserted island to tremble. The rumble of the blade intent and the sword intent he released was almost powerful enough to pierce the sky.

"Blade intent and sword intent!"

the old man shouted, obviously very surprised and excited at the same time.

Tears started spilling from his eyes once again. It reminded him of another remarkable figure as he stared at Darren.

ade intent and sword intent, the two intents' low level of integration, and his low realm.

If the two kinds of intents had reached the top level or even the extreme and had integrated, the old man would have definitely died.

As the endless silver starlight descended, Darren—once again—felt the threat of death.

The grand warrior was simply too powerful and nearly unmatched.

"Although you follow the same cruel path as my master, you must die, because that is the only way I can get out." The old man suddenly sounded sober.

"Sir, let's discuss this. I'd be willing to give you my jade card. Just please don't kill me!" Darren had no choice but to beg to him.

The old man withdrew his silver starlight and Darren finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The old man gave a chuckle. "No, that's impossible. You must die. If I let you live, you will suffer years of pain and anguish, just like my master. I might as well kill you now," he somberly said.

"Sir, that should be my choice, not yours. You don't have to do that." Darren's expression grew rigid and his lips curled into a frown.

However, the old man just ignored him. He looked up to the sky and shouted, "Master, Jesse can finally get out! If I have the chance, I will cut off Mathew's head in your honor!"

Darren's head jerked up in shock upon hearing the old man's words.

"Jesse? Mathew?"

Darren suddenly remembered that the servant who had killed Mathew was Jesse Li.

But judging from the old man's words, things were different. 'Is there more to the story?' Darren wondered. The old man mentioned that his master had chosen the same path as Darren, which meant that his master also cultivated both blade and sword. Who was his master?

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