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   Chapter 304 Leaving The Others

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Darren waited outside for two days before the other superior talents emerged.

"Darren, how long have you been waiting here?" one of them asked the moment he saw Darren.

"It has been two days."

"You must have benefitted tremendously! Tell me, did you acquire any powerful cultivation method or fighting skill?" the superior talent asked with a smile.

"I got two. Ha-ha," Darren smiled as he replied.

"Hee-hee, I got an incredible fighting skill as well. However, I almost died in there. I was foolish enough to try to take the inherited bloodline. I am lucky to have escaped with my life! The pressure in there is so horrible," stated the superior talent. Lingering fear could be seen in his expression as he spoke about his experience.

They chatted for a while before most of the other superior talents emerged. Then, the crowd began to talk about what they had gained.

"Darren, what are you going to do next? Are you going to any other islands?" Tom walked forward and asked. He handed Darren two pieces of Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule.

"I have something important to do, so I will not go to other islands," Darren answered. He smiled and respectfully accepted the Primitive Stones.

"What is the matter? Can I help you with something?"

"Darren, if you ever need any help from us, let us know."

Hearing that Darren had something to do, the group of superior talents immediately surrounded him and offered their assistance. One by one, each superior talent handed Darren the Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule that they had collected.

As a result, Darren now had over two-hundred pieces of Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule, from the thirty superior talents.

Darren was delighted and grateful. "Thank you, everybody. Don't worry about my business. I can handle it myself."

The superior talents exchanged surprise glances before offering their help again. However, Darren refused. It was not because they would be unable to help him, but because they would be putting themselves in danger. Darren didn't want the other superior talents to risk their lives. Besides, it would be easier for Darren to handle it alone.

"Be careful, Darren. By the way, you didn't lose the jade card Mr. Chad Lou gave you, did you? Remember, if you want to leave, you nee

oudly. Pride glinted in his eyes as the creature spoke.

"Good. I will be able to open the Ancient Void Battlefield in about a month. Once that happens, I'll send you to the Ancient Void Battlefield. You will then get your chance to get your revenge," Darren explained.

Upon hearing this, Water Kylin was fired up. A grim expression flashed through his eyes as he replied, "Excellent! I'm going to beat Finley until he begs for mercy, and then I will have him kowtow to me. Hum!"

"That's all?" Darren couldn't help laughing.

"Of course not, I'll make him my ride!"

At the moment, Darren quietly released his spiritual sense to probe the Ancient Void Battlefield for an update on Finley's progress. Darren shook his head slightly and thought, 'Instead of avenging himelf, the beast will have to kowtow again.'

It was because he found that Finley's strength had improved significantly.

"Huh? I smell a female Kylin. I'll look for her. She must be a beauty!" cried Water Kylin, sniffing like a dog, his mouth watering.

Before Darren could speak, he disappeared.

"Damn! Unexpectedly this beast is a lecher!" Darren yelled, but he had lost track of the Water Kylin.

With no other option, Darren decided to continue with his plans. He leaped in the air and flew toward the middle of the island.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as he reached the destination, an overwhelming aura came toward him.

Darren became alert and tried to escape, but it was too late. He felt that the aura was from a human being and that the person had unleashed the domain!

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