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   Chapter 302 Achieved The Bloodline (Part One)

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Awestruck by Water Kylin's display of his omnipotent power, Darren was surprised by the impossible aura of the beast. His strength was way more potent than he used to be. If only the Water Kylin had been a little careful, he would have been able to get the inherited bloodline.

The village head had said that he was seventy percent sure that Finley could get the bloodline. When, in fact, the Water Kylin's strength was nearly equal to that of Finley's. It was just that the beast was still too young.

At that instance, Water Kylin was enraged by Darren, and as aftermath, his strength kept on increasing. When his power reached the limit, he slowly walked over the golden skeleton laid scattered on the barren ground.

Ten feet.

Twenty feet.

Thirty feet.

Water Kylin never stopped and just kept on threading the path.

However, after he walked a fair distance of almost ninety feet away, his body started to shiver. The power that pressed against him was so overwhelming that he could hardly suppress it anymore.

"Ah! Argghhhhh!"

Struggling with all his might, Water Kylin let out a howl. As the piercing roar slowly faded, an array of glittering furs stood erect from his back.

From the fur blew out a power that lurched towards the sky, looking threatening. It seemed that Water Kylin was not yielding to the aura and was fighting against his fate.

At a far distance from the beast, Darren suddenly discerned that Water Kylin resembled a legendary creature with all the glittering furs that grew out of from him.

However, albeit all the transformations and the magnificent show of power by Water Kylin, the whole process seemed to be very hard for him. Though Darren was watching him at a distance, the warrior could sense how the beast struggled as he limped and lolled along the way. After he walked for another five feet, the power that presse

ng on the ground, crying like a child.

Startled by Water Kylin's silly actions, Darren rolled his eyes, feeling speechless. He thought that he should not have praised the beast at all. He was such a brat.

"Twice! My bones were fractured by that vicious power twice! And I can't even cry now? I have to let it all out!" Seeing the look of disdain on Darren's face, the beast hollered with tears in his eyes.

"That's right; you go ahead and cry. You deserve it. When you are done crying, you can give me the fluid," Darren said while drawing a faint smile on his face.

"Ah?" At the mention of the fluid, Water Kylin looked up and stared at Darren with a blank expression. "Fluid? What fluid? I have swallowed it all. It was tasteless," Water Kylin exclaimed.

"Fuck! What?" Hearing that, Darren jumped up with rage. 'That bastard swallowed the bloodline?' Darren thought to himself.

"Master, please don't hit me. Boo-hoo." Sensing that Darren was in a rage, Water Kylin whimpered and begged pathetically.

After Darren calmed down, he shook his head and said, "That's all right. You risked your life to get that fluid. It is not that big deal if you have swallowed it. But it was a waste of the bloodline since it does you no good."

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