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   Chapter 301 Water Kylin Was Not Convinced

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In Darren's elixir field, the flame and blue ice crystal collided fiercely, releasing great power. The struggle between them was as violent as the battle between the sword intent and the blade intent.

However, unlike that battle, no spiritual energy was absorbed as the flame and the ice crystal clashed violently in Darren's elixir field.

Darren felt severe shooting pains in his belly and was unable to do anything to stop it.

Ice and fire mingled in his abdomen, and the agony almost rendered him unconscious.

"Damn it!" Darren shouted as pain coursed through him. By now, sweat covered his whole body.

He instinctively mobilized the blade core and the sword core as he intended to use the sword intent and the blade intent to stop the fight between the ice intent and the flame intent.


Darren roared as he released the blade and sword intent to suppress the ice intent and the flame intent.

As the blade intent and the sword intent subdued the ice intent and the flame intent, tremendous amount of power poured out. Overwhelmed, Darren blacked out.

After a long time, Darren released a pain-filled cry out as he woke. His nightmare had left him soaked to the skin in sweat.

"Oh." He took a deep breath and felt quite relaxed despite the slight pain in his elixir field. Fortunately, the pain was bearable.

Darren used his spiritual sense to check his elixir field. To his surprise, the ice crystal and the flame had disappeared.

"What has happened? Were they destroyed by my blade intent and sword intent? That's impossible!" Darren murmured, astonished.

Then he checked again and found something even more amazing.

The flame and the ice crystal hadn't disappeared. Instead, they had entered the blade core and the sword core.

The green flame glittered in the blade core, and the blue ice crystal had condensed in the sword core. What was more, they were at peace.

"Well?" Darren didn't know why this had happened. He could, however, feel that there was an extraordinarily powerful force hidden in his elixir field.


Darren gathered his blade intent and landed a fatal blow.

The whole area trembled slightly as the blue ice cracked. A gully was formed following a series of cracking sounds.

Such a hit was as viol

"Okay. This should be easy for me," Water Kylin said. Then he ran toward the skeleton.

Before he could move more than a few steps, several cracking sounds filled the space around him.

Water Kylin was weighed down on the ground. Darren's eyes widened at this shocking development.

Darren was a hundred feet away from the skeleton. Water Kylin was crushed while he was still about eighty feet away from the skeleton.

The sound of miserable screams from Water Kylin filled the air. Water Kylin's bones broke under the pressure. So injured was the creature that he could only move back slowly.

"Are you okay?" Darren asked, worried.

"I almost died!" Water Kylin quickly healed his injuries and stood up. He looked terrified.

"Master, why don't we leave right now? I will come back when I am stronger," Water Kylin said as he formed his escape plan.

"Okay. You are too weak. If Finley was here to help me... It is a pity," Darren sighed. He then closely observed Water Kylin's reaction.

The creature stopped, stared at Darren with curiosity, and asked, "Finley? Master, do you mean that Finley is still stronger than me? I don't agree with you!"

"What I have said is a fact. If Finley were here, he would get the drop of liquid in a short time," Darren said while staring disdainfully at Water Kylin.

"Am I weaker than him? I will show you that I am stronger," Water Kylin said before releasing power from his body. The energy emitted such immense pressure that Darren couldn't breathe.

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