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   Chapter 300 Condense Ice Crystal

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As soon as Darren tried to rotate the nimble flame, a gush of powerful flame intent rushed into his meridians. It contained so much energy that Darren felt it would explode at any time.


Darren pushed the flame intent out of his meridians. The fierce flame intent with its powerful aura exploded the minute it left his body, destroying the land around Darren.

'Ha! It is almost as powerful as my blade intent and sword intent!' Darren surmised. He was overjoyed. The level of the flame intent was almost as mighty as the premium sword intent. While it was not as strong as Darren expected, it was certainly not weaker than the blade intent and the sword intent that he had learned.

Of course, if Darren's sword intent and blade intent could be enhanced to the premium stage, then the flame intent would not be as compelling.

Regardless, Darren felt content as he had learned an extra skill.

Now that the Intent Creatures were dead and the green fire in the Hot Flame Domain had extinguished, Darren could see a stone tablet with several small words inscribed on it.

Before he could step closer and examine it, the tiny words started to swim toward his head, like tadpoles.

Some cultivating methods and martial arts skills were engraved in Darren's mind, which excited and delighted him.

"This is an ancient legendary martial arts skill!" Darren whispered in awe. Then he murmured, "I understand now. The flame intent should be used together with the ancient legendary martial arts skill so that the power reaches its maximum potential!"

Based on their levels, this ancient legendary martial arts skill that Darren had obtained was probably higher than the legendary martial skills that appeared later in this world. More importantly, if he successfully practiced this martial arts skill, the spiritual energy in nature could be continuously transformed into flame intent. When used with the ancient legendary martial arts skill, the flame intent's strength would increase manifold.

'This martial arts skill consists of three moves. The first one is to practice the flame intent, while the second and the third moves focus on attacking. I will be much more powerful once I finish practicing all these three moves.'

As the martial arts skill had been etched in his mind, Darren was not in a hurry to learn it. For now, he would focus on the next reward.

Darren glanced around and found that two gates had appeared in the front of this grave.

As he ran toward the gates, the mighty voice was heard again, "Congratulations on obtaining the reward. You now have the chance to select either the Blue Ice Domain or the Wind Chasing Domain. Once you pass, you will get the reward associated with the

free himself from the constraints. This was harder than being confined by the Shackle Rule.

The tremendous freezing ice intent broke through his skin and seeped into his bones, little by little.

"Flame intent!"

At that moment, Darren had no other option but to use this skill as he knew that if this continued, he would die in about fifteen minutes.

He was so desperate that he used the flame intent.

Psst, psst.

Powerful flame intent exploded from his body, and the hard, freezing ice around Darren began to crack.

"Break the ice!"

Darren mustered his strength and released the demonic internal force. Alongside, he discharged his blade intent and the sword intent combined with the flame intent.

Boom! Boom!

The firm freezing ice finally broke, and Darren's figure shot out.

He soon fell on the surface of the ice and felt stiff all over. He was not able to fight anymore.

'I have no other choice, ' Darren thought. Darren gritted his teeth as he summoned the last Primitive Stone containing the Heavenly Repression Rule from inside his Space Ring.

"Go and die!" After Darren absorbed the Primitive Stone, he emitted a dark gold internal force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the blue ice in the space started to heat, a deep gully as wide as thousands of meters formed.

Immediately after, the blue figure vanished, and ice intent spread out. The energy from the dark golden internal force had defeated the guardian!

"Assimilate!" Darren flew closer to assimilate the ice intent. He spared no efforts as he tried to condense it into his elixir field.

However, the ice intent contained by the blue figure was too much. In a short while, Darren formed a blue ice crystal in his elixir field.

The moment the blue ice crystal formed, Darren felt terrible! It was too dangerous!

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