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   Chapter 299 Flame Intent (Part Two)

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Standing amidst the raging fire, Darren endured the sweltering heat while gasping for air.

The Intent Creatures were not rational, and they were under the influence of the golden skeleton. Thus, they kept on attacking Darren like emotionless robots. Because of such reckless actions, the creatures inflicted some damage to Darren. Most of the injuries Darren received were from the intent that emitted from their bodies. It was so powerful than Darren couldn't hit back, and he just soared every direction every time a creature hit on him.

"I can't be like this anymore. Otherwise, I will melt away sooner or later! This must stop at once."

As he was saying that, Darren soared in the sky. Following him, the Intent Creatures that shaped like an enormous green fire united and all dashed towards him.


Darren shouted as he let out his Blade and Sword Domain. In a split second, and all the Intent Creatures were trapped inside his domain.

Inside Darren's domain, the enormous power pressed against the Intent Creatures, and the blade and sword intent kept on flapping and billowing towards them. As a counter-attack, the creatures released more and more flame intents to hit back. Despite their struggle, most of the creatures couldn't sustain and were about to break into pieces.

'If I can kill some of them, their power would weaken a little. Before long, I will be able to destroy all of them, ' Darren quietly thought to himself.

Though he was determined to defeat them all, Darren was still in doubt and asked himself in silence, 'Would things go according to my plan?'

"Crap! What happened? What's wrong with the domain?" Darren shouted in shock.

When Darren was smug about his plan, suddenly, over one hundred Intent Creatures piled up together. With their unison, a tremendous aura emitted from them. Its strength was nearly eq

he thought that he was not sure about whether the technique would work or not. He would not dare take the risk and endanger his life. Moreover, if he couldn't defeat them using that technique, he would not have enough strength to hit back anymore.

Moreover, if he used the Blood Dragon Phantom, it would require him to burn his blood essence. In doing that, he would sacrifice his divine soul to combine with his avatars. Thus, if he were not in a perilous situation, he would not resort to using that technique. Considering that the dragon blood aura emitted from Darren's body was exceptionally pure, he only had to consume a minimal quantity of blood essence and the divine soul, so this whole process didn't inflict significant damage to him.

If his strength would improve over time, and he would be able to generate tens of thousands of avatars, he would have to be more cautious about it. Conjuring clones of himself was not an easy task. It was tricky and risky at the same time.

After he wiped out all the Intent Creatures, Darren assimilated all the flame intents and compressed them in his elixir field. The enormous intents converged into a flickering flame and quietly took their place beside the blade core and sword core.

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