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   Chapter 298 Flame Intent (Part One)

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Frissons of brisk icy winds crept through Darren's skin as he looked down on the grave. With a broken tombstone perched on top of it, the tomb was with a radius of at least one hundred feet.

Unkempt and scattered in front of the grave was a golden skeleton. An intense aura emitted from the pieces of bones settled over the whole place. It was as if something maleficent was looming just around the corner.

After Darren made a keen observation of the skeleton for a few moments, he discovered that some broken weapons were lying on the ground. Except for the weapons, Darren didn't find anything strange. As he was lost in messed up thoughts, a deep furrow appeared between his brows.

"What is this?

In the far corner, something caught Darren's attention. Beneath the pile of golden bones, he saw that there was some sort of green fluid that dripped out from the bones. The green liquid kept on spinning around the rotten bones.

"That's the inherited bloodline!" Realizing what it was, Darren felt giddy with excitement. He instantly raised his hand and planned to get hold of the liquid.

However, to his surprise, the ground trembled, and there appeared a sharp crack as he walked a few inches towards the liquid.

Because of the sudden tremble, Darren lost his balance causing his right leg to be severely injured.

"Fuck!" Darren hollered in pain. The quake caught him off guard, and the excitement blinded him that he hadn't anticipated that something awful might happen. Limping, he dragged his broken legs behind him and stepped away from the skeleton.

"Well, I see. It is like the bronze coffin that I went before. If I want to move forward, I will have to sustain continuous pressure!" More careful this time, Darren took out some spiritual herbs from the Space Ring to cure his broken leg. The spiritual herbs calmed the searing pain he was experiencing in his legs, and he felt grateful for that.

Several minutes had passed, Darren recovered from his injuries. He stayed put and

verberated across the entire place. He was the dead master whose remains were left scattered inside this cold grave.

As soon as he finished talking, numerous green flames erupted from the ground. The flames stretched out their claws in the air and entrapped Darren. The moment they opened their bloody mouths, the flames revealed their emerald green sharp teeth.

"So it means that not only weapons, such as blade and sword have intents, but also these nasty creatures." Darren could sense that the aura exuding from the flames where somewhat different from the aura discharged by the blade and sword intent.

Worst was, the intent of the flaming creatures were more powerful than Darren's blade and sword intent. Judging from their aura, Darren could say that the creatures' intent reached the premium stage.

"Okay. Let's get this started!" Darren gave out a roar.

Gathering his strength, he immediately turned into a flash of rotating light and went straight towards the flaming Intent Creatures.

Not letting his guard down at the same time, Darren used his blade and sword and kept on blowing his intent towards his nemesis. Though the intent was potent, yet, the creatures were rather strong, and they discharged intense fire from their bodies. The fire alone was nothing less potent than Darren's blade and sword intent.

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