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   Chapter 297 Bloodline

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"All right. You can enter now," the village head, Fris, said as he raised his hand. In the next moment, mist enveloped everyone.

The superior talents were transferred to the stone tablet. Darren was surprised as they had disappeared without a trace.

"Eh? Where are they?" As soon as Darren stepped inside the stone tablet, he found himself standing in front of a huge grave. A glance showed him that no one else was around.

"Each of the superior talents has entered a different grave." Fris explained as he magically appeared beside Darren.

"Sir, we have come here for the Primitive Stones. Are the Primitive Stones in the graves?" Darren saluted Fris and asked.

"I can perceive that the Primitive Stones are important to you. However, are you sure that you don't want the other treasures?" Fris smiled faintly as he continued to speak. "After you enter the graves, not only will you get the Primitive Stones, but you will also get other more precious things. Do you want to know about these treasures?"

"Yes, sir." Darren was curious. He wondered what other precious items had been buried in the graves, aside from the Primitive Stones.

"Okay. You should relax and use your spiritual sense." With a light chuckle, Fris waved his rough hands above Darren's head. As strange memories flooded his mind, Darren was dumbfounded by what he saw.

Numerous ancient pictures appeared in his head. As he looked through those pictures, he learned about the history of the Primitive Stones and the invaluable treasures that were buried inside the grave.

"The Raksa Sea is also an ancient battlefield!"

According to the memories, the Raksa Sea was an ancient battlefield of the Middle Age. It had been around for well over thirty million years!

Darren knew that the Lothlann Continent had four ancient Ages—the Remote Age, the Ancient Age, the Middle Age, and the Last Age. Sprinkled between those milestone Ages were several small Ages that didn't last long, such as the Hadean Age.

Every Age had a miserable history marked by massive devastation.

The memories, however, didn't give Darren a clear idea of the details that would help him with his exploration. But he knew that in each historically significant age, numerous talents disappeared without a trace. They were so smart and wise, and few people could match their abilities at that time.

In the Middle Age, unsurpassed geniuses gathered in the human world. But, they were all destroyed in the end. Darren could tell that the Primitive Stones had something to do with this destru

ough the bloodlines were insignificant to Fris, they were rather precious to Darren. If he could have the bloodline, his strength would be a thousand times powerful than it used to be. He couldn't imagine how great that would be.

Darren yearned for the bloodline, but when he thought that only extreme talents like Finley could acquire it, he became a little depressed.

"Little fellow, cheer up. In over ten thousand years, only three people have succeeded in getting the bloodline in the Raksa Sea. It has only been a hundred years since those three people got the bloodlines. So, you might meet them in the future."

"About one hundred years?" Darren was surprised. What Fris said reminded him of someone. It occurred to him that John Doe, who was on the Sky Chart, must be one of the three people.

There were four islands In the Raksa Sea. Each island had a unique inherited bloodline. So Darren didn't know which island John Doe had been to. He asked Fris about it, but he didn't know either.

"This time, all of the superior talents who entered the Raksa Sea are not qualified to get the bloodlines. So, you don't need to be depressed. There are some other good things in the grave too."

"Alas. Thank you so much, sir. I will try my best. If I can't get it, then that is my fate," Darren replied.

"Right. You can go now. And, there is one more thing that I want to tell you. From all the superior talents, if you get the most treasures, I will give you an extra chance. You can choose a grave and fight again. You can pick up another day to fight, but it must be within a hundred years. Do you understand?"

"I see. Thank you so much, sir." Darren nodded before entering the grave.

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