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   Chapter 296 A Stone Tablet

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"Die, you fucking beasts!" As soon as all thirty superior talents regained their strengths, they all immediately launched insane attacks at the three powerful double-headed monsters.

The monsters were left unable to fend off the superior talents' attacks. In an instant, their skins were cut open and their flesh torn apart.


The three double-headed men started to retreat, desperately dashing away. However, as soon as they turned around, they were immediately blocked by several superior talents at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm.

Within an hour, the three monsters had been completely beaten and were on the verge of death. But even so, the superior talents showed no mercy and continued to drag their limp and almost lifeless bodies on the ground.

Then Darren and Tom flew over—both were severely wounded and the blood had dyed their clothes red.

"Darren, Tom, what should we do with these beasts?" one of the superior talents asked.

All the superior talents were certainly very much in favor of killing the three monsters. However, in consideration to the fact that Darren and Tom saved their lives, they felt obligated to ask for the two's opinions before doing anything.

"You can treat them how they have treated you. I think it's within reason," Darren responded, staring icily at the limp bodies of the monsters.

"That's right. Killing them would be letting them off too easily. Take your revenge, buddies!" Tom shouted, pumping one fist into the air.

The thirty superior talents also raised their fists and cheered in response to Darren's and Tom's answers. They then proceeded to make the three double-headed monsters suffer, making them have a taste of their own medicine.

"You lowly human bastards! You will all pay for this someday! I will kill you all!" one of the double-headed monsters exclaimed, eyes bulging out in anger.

Unable to bear the pain any longer, each double-headed man slammed his own two heads together and exploded.

Seeing this, the fury in the hearts of the superior talents subsided and the air had become somewhat calm.

"We're all extremely humbled and grateful to you two for saving us," one of the superior talents said. "Your great kindness has my eternal gratitude!"

"You have our eternal gratitude!"

the other superior talents echoed as they dropped on their knees and kowtowed before Darren and Tom.

"There's no need for that. We're all friends." Tom lifted them up. "I wouldn't have been able to save you if Darren hadn't killed the double-headed monster that guarded the Seven-holy Fruit tree," he said.

"We are all very grateful, Darren. If you need our help in the future, just say the word and we will do everything for you. Even if you ask us to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames, we will do it for you without hesitation!" They

gave him. Hanson had recorded this tablet in his note.

Taking out his note, Darren found the relevant information written about the stone tablet. It read that the superior talents need to give a drop of their blood essence onto the stone tablet in order to hunt for treasures and Primitive Stones.

Darren dripped a drop of his blood essence onto the stone tablet as instructed in the note.

"What are you doing, Darren?"

A puff of bleak and ancient aura immediately greeted Darren. It was the kind of aura that was more ancient than the aura in the Ancient Void Battlefield or the aura of the dark domain that he had encountered.

"Drip your blood essence onto it to search for treasures," Darren nonchalantly said.

Everyone raised their eyebrows in confusion, but did what Darren said. A shadow materialized out of the stone tablet after all of them dripped their blood essence onto it.

A few moments later, they saw a shadow of a wrinkled old man standing in front of them. His clothes were made of linen studded with a few patches of animal skin and he carried a hoe in his hand. Judging from his appearance, he was indeed a farmer.

"This is..."

Everybody felt a sense of rustic aura from the old man standing in front of them. There wasn't any breath of a martial artist on him.

"Welcome everyone. I am the village head. You may call me Village Head Fris.

You have all passed the blood lineage authentication. Please prepare to enter the grave. The treasures that you will be able to get depend on your destiny and ability."

The superior talents were surprised to learn that the old man spoke the same language as them.

The old man chuckled. "I learned the language from those guys who had come here earlier than you, so of course you understand me," he said with a relaxed smile.

Everyone was surprised by his words—he was apparently able to read their thoughts.

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