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   Chapter 295 Darren Came To The Rescue

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"Hey, look! It's Darren! Darren is also here! He's come to save us," hollered one of the superior talents.

"He is so magnanimous to come to our rescue," added another superior talent who was overjoyed at seeing the hero who would free them from bondage.

Although the superior talents doubted that Darren and Tom could save all of them, they were moved by Darren's coming. A renewed hope and replenished strength were awakened inside them.

"You two human bastards, you will be dead!" growled the leader of the double-headed creatures.

After saying that, three of the most powerful double-headed men flew in midair at the same time. Their ferocious faces looked as if they were going to swallow Darren and Tom alive. They were so eager to lay their hands on the warriors that their teeth gnashed and snarled in a fury.

"Don't fight against them recklessly, Tom. We only need to distract them, and then I will find a chance to scatter the Seven-holy Fruits to every superior talent for them to resume their cultivation base." Alerted and prepared, Darren stood next to Tom and whispered through his spiritual sense.

"Got it. I'll try to buy you some time," Tom responded with his spiritual sense. They were both determined to wipe out the nasty creatures and set the superior talents free as soon as possible.

"Be gone and go to hell, scumbags!" Tom shouted aloud as he lurched forward to attack.

With his momentum surging up, he reached the highest point of the shabby hut. Set at the advantage of an elevated line of sight, Tom launched his supernatural martial skill at the highest level.

As a renowned superior talent, Tom was undoubtedly reliable and skilled when it came to combat. His fist shadows were overwhelming and remarkable at the same time. He had just reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm and was about to enter the advanced stage.

Each of the three double-headed men was, however, able to bring out the real power of the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. Their capabilities made them impossible to be underestimated.

Seeing that Tom launched an attack, one of the double-headed men flapped his four hands at the same time, trying to suppress Tom's power.

At that point, Darren, of course, would not just stand by and watch. He turned himself into a ray of light flying towards them. He struck the double-headed creature and led him scampering out of sight. Without his help, Tom couldn't hold out much longer. He was so grateful to Darren.

"You mean brute, how dare you try to sneak up?" taunted one of the two remaining double-headed creatures. Watching Darren came to Tom's aid, the other two double-headed men went to stop him after a sharp rebuke. With all the strength they had, they tried desperately to lure Darren away from Tom. Punching, kicking, and launching attacks at Darren all at once, the two creatures' assaults were all dodged by the warrior.

Stepping back a little, Darren turned back halfway to give them a counter-attack.

"Domain!" Darren summoned.

Being caught off guard, the two double-headed men burst into Darren's domain, and soon enough, not a single speck of hair of the creatures could be seen.

With his domain skill, Darren was able to kill the master a

r of Tom's Omnipotent Talent Skill.


The double-headed man, who desperately wanted to stop Darren, was struck directly on the ground by the terrible, colossal hand. As it created a small hole in the field, the attack caused the double-headed man to spew blood from both mouths.

The most substantial blow made by Tom injured the double-headed man who was at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. With that, he was convinced that he was not weak! The damage he had done alone was a clear indication of his excellent and unparalleled strength.

Meanwhile, Darren held the two other double-headed men at bay for only a moment before he was blown away too. After all, he couldn't wholly fend off two double-headed people on his own. Thanks to his incredible physical strength, he didn't get hurt too much.

The superior talents on the ground didn't know about those fruits, but as soon as Darren released those fruits, they listened to him and started sucking them. As highly gifted geniuses, of course, they quickly absorbed the fruits, and in an instant, some of them were back to the Wonder Realm.

With their renewed strength and the help from Darren and Tom, they would be able to protect themselves and absorb more of the fruits.


For the second time, Darren and Tom were blown off at the same time by the flustered double-headed men. This time both of them were seriously injured.

"Go to hell, you beasts!"

A considerable breadth of rage burst out and was heard amidst the chaos with a heinous killing intention!

It was from a superior talent who had resumed his cultivation base. At the moment, he was like a wild beast in despair, rushing recklessly at the enemies.

"Kill them! Kill them! Come on!" cheered some of the superior talents.

Then another superior talent's cultivation base was also restored, and he joined the battle.

Soon, those angry superior talents flew into the air one by one and began to fight back.

As instant as the blinking of their eyes, fear filled the hearts of the double-headed creatures. Inside their heads, they were in doubt if they would stay and fight or run and save their lives.

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