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   Chapter 294 No One Would Be Left Behind (Part Two)

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"Your regrets are useless right now. It might be a good thing that we judged Darren. Otherwise, he would not be able to know that this shabby house was under their control. Now he can save himself from this dangerous place and avoid getting into trouble," responded another helpless talent.

"That's right. I hope that these bastards can't figure out the whereabouts of Darren and Tom," echoed another talent who wore a forlorn look on his face.

The men who were talking were Chad's superior talents. Though they were weakened by the chains and the powerful aura that overwhelmed the place, they still didn't give up all hopes.

The moment the talents arrived at the place, three of them immediately admitted that they were controlled by the evil cultivator's avatars, and left the area right in that instant. It was then that the other superior talents realized that Darren did not betray them at all. Darren wasn't the evil cultivator.

But it was too late for them to retreat. Before the talents could even react, they were already held captive by the two-headed men. The group was held dazed and surprised that they were not able to fight back. It was as if that the two-headed men had cursed them to be still and not fight back.

Those two-headed men had immense, powerful strength. Especially the three leaders who had regained their original strength, each of them seemed to have reached the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. Thus, those superior talents couldn't escape from them.

"You two are such flaming idiots. It is useless to discuss those stupid questions. You are wasting your breaths. Do you assume that Darren will come here and save your ass? Ha-ha-ha." One of the superior talents wore a bitter smile on his face, looking depressed after hearing the words from Chad's two superior talents.

Balked by anger, C

superior talents looked up in the sky and saw Tom's influential figure, they couldn't help but shed a few tears of joy. From the way he moved, they sensed that Tom's strength had reached the top level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. That meant, even if he couldn't kill those strong two-headed leaders, there would be still a good chance that he could save some of them out of here.

"Tom, please save Cedric! You can take revenge for us later. Just save him first!" someone screamed towards Tom.

"That's right. You go and save Cedric first."

Those superior talents who belonged to Chad's alliance were men of high moral integrity. Facing such dangers, they were still willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their fellows.

"Tom, hurry up! You can't hesitate anymore. Those bastards are extremely powerful," urged one superior talent.


When they were panicking to save Cedric, another shadow suddenly appeared in the sky. The blade and sword intent that emitted from his body settled over the entire place.

"Stay calm, everyone! What will be left in this place are not you guys, but those bastards' heads!" Darren's voice was as cold as ice, and it vibrated across the entire place.

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