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   Chapter 293 No One Would Be Left Behind (Part One)

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"Oh, heck! Why is it that I can't get this thing into the Ancient Void Battlefield? Do I have to carry him on my back all this time?" Darren was on the brink of losing his temper out of frustration. He couldn't open the Ancient Void Battlefield at the very least for a few months now. Worst was, had no idea how to deal with the Water Kylin.

"I guess that the Space Ring probably can't harbor living things. But, wait. The Water Kylin has passed out this time and has no sign of life, so maybe my Space Ring can keep him. I'll give it one more try." Following that assumption, Darren immediately used his spiritual sense to activate his Space Ring. As he did that, the Water Kylin was soon enveloped with his intense power and disappeared without a trace.

"Ha-ha. Alas! It worked!" With his successful attempt, Darren felt much relieved. If, in any case, the Space Ring couldn't keep the Water Kylin, it would be the worst possible scenario for him. For sure, it would cause him a lot of trouble carrying him all day long.

"Darren, did you put him in your Space Ring? You should be careful. If the Water Kylin regains consciousness, your Space Ring will probably break into pieces," Finley warned Darren. He had learned about the Spatial Rule, so he was well-versed in how the ring worked and the possible outcomes of unrequited actions.

"I will be careful. But how did you know about that?" Darren asked.

"Because I left an aura inside his body. Even if I'm in the Ancient Void Battlefield, I will be able to know about his whereabouts. Ha-ha."

"Well, I see. But you should be careful with that kid. If something happens, I will ask the Shadow Emperor to help us," the conscientious Darren reminded him.

"I see," Finley replied shortly. After saying that, Finley concealed his breath and started to inspect the boy in the Ancient Void Battlefield.

After that, Darren and Tom spent ab

ht for you guys too. I am the king here, omnipotent, and above everything," the tall two-headed man shouted in rage, sending forth a powerful aura.

The power that exuded from his body was so intense that it made the talents gasp for air and groan in agony. When the two-headed man was seething with anger, his strength tremendously increased and nearly reached the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm!

"I will torture you to death! After that, I will chop your bodies into pieces!" Another cry of outrage echoed from the powerful two-headed man.

"You bastard, if I can regain my cultivation base, I will smash you into pieces right now! I will show you no mercy, and you will be dead in no time." A superior talent let out a threat. Though he knew that even with his original strength, he would definitely not stand a chance of fighting those two-headed men by himself.

"Alas. It didn't occur to me that a border mutant will kill me. How are things going on with Darren and Tom? Especially, Darren, we thought that he had betrayed us. We have made a wrong decision in not trusting him and doubting his strength. If we had just listened to him, we would have not been caught by these bastards and suffer in their hands," reckoned one of the superior talents.

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