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   Chapter 292 The Dead Dog

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After Darren had killed the double-headed mutant, he took his corpse and quietly walked back.

"I never thought that you were so strong, Darren! You just killed a double-headed monster all by yourself!" Tom looked at Darren in awe. He initially thought that Darren's strength was only a little superior to his, but the fact made it clear to him that Darren was not only stronger than him, but also much more powerful.

Darren shook his head. "It was nothing. I would still need to draw the other double-headed monster's attention away. Hurry and go fetch the fruit."

"Okay, I got it." Tom nodded once and dashed away.

Darren then walked towards the double-headed man guarding the tree, dragging the dead corpse of the other.

"Ah, my brother!" The other double-headed monster's eyes grew wide in despair.

"I killed him. Don't you want to take revenge?" Darren threw the dead body towards the monster.

The monster narrowed his eyes at Darren. "Are you trying to lure me away? No way!" The double-headed man was quite smarter than Darren had thought—he did not fall for Darren's trick.

The monster suddenly raised his head towards the sky

and howled like a wolf.

"Damn! He's summoning his pals!" Darren's eyes widened in alarm—he had a bad feeling about what was going to happen. He then immediately charged at the monster, trying to get a head start in the fight before the others arrived.

"Come on, Tom! We can't afford to waste any time!"

Rushing towards the fruit tree, Tom quickened his pace even more.


The battle had begun. The double-headed monster was evidently much stronger and much smarter than the previous one. He had a good strategy and was very efficient in his attacks, using strong ones in short intervals, giving Darren no chance to defend himself or counterattack. He was even able to bombard Tom with attacks when fighting Darren. Tom fell down from the tree several times.

The rumbling of numerous heavy footsteps was heard not far ahead—a powerful army of monsters was approaching.

Within a few moments, hundreds of strong figures charged right towards them. Numerous double-headed monsters had heard the monster's call for help.

"Now, Tom!" he urged. Seeing the pack of double-headed monsters, Darren activated all his power and attacked the double-headed monster who was guarding the fruit tree.

The double-headed monster guarding the fruit tree lowered his vigilance once he saw his leader coming with the whole army. This resulted in him getting hit by Darren's attack, stumbling a few feet backwards.

Tom took this chance; he quickly swiped at the Seven-holy Fruits and picked them off the tree. Once he absorbed the fruits, he immediately felt that the suppression on him weakened and his strength drastically spiked up.

"Kill him!" Hundreds of double-headed monsters charged towards Darren.

"Hey! You bunch o

ression. There must be more powerful ones among them. We need to be even more cautious as possible."

Hearing what Darren said, Tom endured the pain he was feeling and flew up towards the fruit tree. He picked off several Seven-holy Fruits and immediately began absorbing them. Once he had recovered much of his strength, his started on healing his wounds.

Darren, on the other hand, was observing Water Kylin to see if he was really dead.

"Finley, why did you kill the Water Kylin?" Darren relayed a message back to Finley in the Ancient Void Battlefield. His voice was brimming with anger.

"Hey don't get mad at me, Darren. I didn't kill him. I will have nobody to beat if I kill him. Besides, killing him won't benefit me in any way." Finley seemed to be innocent.

"Well then, what the hell happened? Was he killed by that kid?" Darren was baffled.

"No, I don't think so. The kid was busy wandering around and playing with those flowers and grasses. He hasn't had the time to cause any trouble so far. And I don't think that dog is dead. He's probably just sleeping," Finley replied.

"This dead dog is actually just asleep!" Darren kicked the Water Kylin hard and shouted, "Get up! You almost got me killed, do you know that?"

"Don't waste your efforts, Darren. You told me to break his meridians and send him to the spiritual pool, remember? Well, when I brought him to the pool, he suddenly absorbed everything. He had been asleep since. If I am not wrong, that dead dog is undergoing a complete transformation. He's going to have a huge improvement in his strength soon enough."

Darren hummed. "Is that so?" Darren then recalled that when he found the spiritual pool in the Ancient Void Battlefield, the spirit inside was too ancient for him to absorb, which was why he ordered Finley to send Water Kylin there. However, even he himself never thought that the beast could actually benefit from it.

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