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   Chapter 291 Seven-holy Fruit

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"That's all I wanted to say. Could you do me this favor?" Grand Blood Refiner asked as he sighed deeply.

Darren remained silent for a few moments and then replied, "Sir, I cannot do it."

"It looks like you still don't believe me." Grand Blood Refiner was bitterly disappointed. He went on, "I see. Well then, you may leave."

"Sir, you have misunderstood my words," Darren said, getting on his feet. "What I meant was that we don't have the abilities to help you find the Primitive Stones containing the Life Rule right now."

"That's right, sir! I definitely want to help you, but our strength is nowhere enough to help you find the Primitive Stones. On top of that, we are not familiar with the surroundings either. We will most likely get lost in this place. There is nothing we can do for you, sir," Tom said, also getting up from the stone chair. He was moved by what Grand Blood Refiner had said.

"Oh! I mistook your words!" A look of joy spread across his face and he continued, "You don't need to worry about your current strength. If you are able to find enough Seven-holy Fruits, you can get rid of the repressive power of the Raksa Sea. After that, it will become easier for you to fight."

Grand Blood Refiner took out two white fruits and said, "I already have two fruits. But this is not enough to have any significant effect on the repressive power. Commit to your mind what the fruit looks like and collect as many as you can."

He looked at them for a few seconds and then nodded as he continued, "I can't be here for too long. If you two are willing to help me, you may take these two fruits with you. When you find the Primitive Stones, send out your spiritual sense. When I sense it, I will come to you. Thank you for your help." Saying so, he withdrew his domain. The next moment, he turned into Robb.

Darren and Tom took the fruits from his hands and promised that they would try their best to collect more fruits. After that, the Grand Blood Refiner left in a hurry.

"Alas, I didn't expect that Grand Blood Refiner had suffered a lot as well." Tom fumed, seething with anger.

Darren slightly shook his head at Tom's naivety. With a faint smile on his lips, he said, "Tom, how innocent you are to believe everything he said."

"Huh?" Tom turned to Darren with a look of surprise on his face. "Are you saying he was lying to us? That sounds highly unlikely. It would have been a piece of cake for him to kill us right away. Why did he have to say all those things to us?"

"He mentioned that his power is restrained in here, and that he can't find the Primitive Stones by himself. We would have been no use to him if he kill us. Since he really wants to get his hands on the Primitive Stones, he need our help. He have to leave us alive," Darren explained.

"So, you're saying that he is using us to his own ends?" Tom asked. Darren nodded in res

that they would not send out an alarm.

"You bastard, stop right there!" The two-headed man was strong and he was also quite fast.

When they were a fine distance away from the tree, Darren slowed down on purpose and waited for the man to catch up with him.

"Domain!" When the two-headed man was about to catch him, without hesitation, Darren used his Blade and Sword Domain.

In the blink of an eye, the intense power of the blade and sword intent settled over the two-headed man. He was totally dumbfounded, trembling in sheer terror. The mutant wanted to run, but he couldn't move a muscle. He felt as though there were numerous blades and swords pressed against his body.

Since Darren's Blade and Sword Domain was restrained at the moment, it was way less powerful than it usually was. Darren couldn't kill him with one blow, so he decided to nicely frighten him first.

Seeing that the two-headed man was in a complete panic, Darren split himself into eight avatars and attacked him from all directions.


With a look of terror on his face, the two-headed man randomly lunged his fist at Darren's avatars. In a split second, four avatars broke down into pieces.

Darren tried his best to turn on the Blade and Sword Domain and undergo the demonic transformation. When the two-headed man continued to panic, Darren directed his sword towards the man's head.

With a loud thud, Darren's sword reached the man's head.

"Shit! You were messing with me," the two-headed man said as he was paralyzed with shock.

"Too late." Darren's cold voice echoed through his ears. But before the mutant could struggle, his two heads fell to the ground.

"Real battle does not rely only on brute force; you should use your brains as well. You had two, but still lost." Darren's voice was as cold as ice. He kicked the man's heads out of the way. The man lying on the ground could not hear those words anymore.

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