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   Chapter 290 The Grand Blood Refiner's Story

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"It's you," Tom said in a low voice that was almost a whisper as he saw the face of the man emerging out from the woods.

The man was Robb.

"There is something wrong with his aura," Darren said, glaring at Robb's approaching figure. Darren activated his spiritual sense and immediately noticed the intense aura of bloodiness exuding from Robb's body.

"You're the evil cultivator!" Tom took a few hasty steps backwards and stood beside Darren. "What are you going to do? Kill us?"

Darren shook his head, not giving Robb a chance to respond. "If he wanted to kill us, he would have already silently done it." He glared at Robb and asked, "Tell us why are you lurking here?"

Robb gave out a deep chuckle. "You have some insights, don't you?" His voice was different—it was very hoarse and dry. The next moment his appearance also suddenly changed, half of his face was an exposed skull and the other half was rotten flesh.

"Who the hell are you!" Tom's eyes widened in shock.

"Who am I? Well, you can call me the Grand Blood Refiner if you like." At that moment, the Grand Blood Refiner had completely revealed his true body. The powerful aura that was emitting from it was more horrible than his disgusting face.

The wind rustled.

Rivulets of blood floated in the air around Darren and Tom. They were suddenly enveloped in a scarlet red world.

"Run, Darren!" Tom took Darren by the arm and prepared to escape.

"It's no use, Tom. We can't escape from his domain now." Darren calmly stood on the ground.

Tom took a tumble and froze. The self-assumed Grand Blood Refiner could only be a strong cultivator in the Grand Realm to have created such an expansive domain.

"Do you want us to find the Primitive Stones for you?" Darren asked, unintimidated.

"Clever lad. You're Darren, aren't you? You must have excelled beyond the common warriors since you were able to enter the twelfth space in the Ancient Void Battlefield. You really are a breed apart! I will not beat around the bush. I need you to help me find a kind of Primitive Stone containing the Life Rule," the Grand Blood Refiner stated.

"Sir, you have already sneaked into the Raksa Sea, why do you still need us? Couple that with your clearly much more superior strength, wouldn't it be more convenient for you to look for it yourself?" Darren expressed his doubts.

The Grand Blood Refiner raised his brows in a mixture of surprise and amusement. "You called me sir? It seems you have no knowledge about me, lad. I am a demon," he said in response to Darren's question.

"It's a world where a warrior could earn honor with his strength, so what you did in the past has nothing to do with my calling you 'sir',"

ot, yet you know a little. In this Bottom Spiritual World we live in, a three-star grand warrior is already the most powerful. No grand warrior above three-star is able to live in the Bottom Spiritual World. But this is beyond my range of knowledge. More about that later. Listen to my story first."

Darren nodded. "Please continue, sir."

"As I became a three-star grand warrior after I killed hundreds of grand warriors, there was no need to continue being on the run because my strength had become enough to defeat that scum. With my slaughter blade, I started seeking him.

Before long, our battle broke out. It was such an appalling battle that even the world was plunged into complete chaos—numerous mountains and rivers were disintegrated. It almost brought about the suppression of the heaven and earth. And the result was..." The Grand Blood Refiner gave a displeased sigh, apparently not resigned to the result of the battle.

"You must have lost the battle, then? Or else you wouldn't be reduced to what you are now," Darren said.

The Grand Blood refiner shook his head once. "No, I won the battle. We were both three-star grand warriors, but my Bloodshed Domain was more powerful than his. He lost the battle after three months of tough battle. Just when I was about to bring him to justice and make it clear to the world that I was innocent, another man appeared—a shameless rule cultivator that I now want to kill more than the scum!"

Hearing this, Darren changed his initial unsympathetic countenance. 'It turned out that a rule cultivator was also involved in the battle. That rule cultivator clearly had something to do with the Grand Blood Refiner's current predicament. But how could a rule cultivator defeat a three-star grand warrior?' Darren was left completely puzzled.

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