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   Chapter 289 Encountering Double-headed Men

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Darren headed south after determining the direction. Soon, he saw some primitive and dilapidated buildings.

'What kind of people live in this world?' Darren wondered.

As he studied the buildings, he vaguely felt the remnants of a strong and distant atmosphere.

Instead of flying toward the buildings, Darren slowly descended into the dense jungle nearby. He didn't want to run into some unknown horror, like the last time.

"Huh? There is an intruder!" Darren had just landed in the jungle when he heard a voice coming from one of the derelict buildings.

He concealed his breath and hid quietly in the jungle. Soon, he saw several figures exiting one of the broken-down houses.

Darren's eyes widened in astonishment. The people were muscular and large, and to his surprise, they each had two heads!

"Chief, it seems as though the nobodies are coming," one of the double-headed men said to the strongest among them.

"Well, set an ambush. We'll kill them when they approach the Primitive Stones."

"But, Chief, we are limited in our ability to fight. Can we defeat those so-called superior talents?" another double-headed man asked with concern.

"Don't worry. I've already sent someone to check their strength. They are more repressed than we are. And their current strength is only at the sixth or the seventh stage of the Spirit Realm. Our current strength is about at the third or the fourth stage of the Mysterious Realm. Our chief's cultivation base is equivalent to the seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm. It would be easy for us to kill them—just like slaughtering animals," another man said confidently.


Still hidden in the jungle, Darren was able to eavesdrop on their conversation. He concluded that these double-headed men had also come from the outside world and were probably a kind of mutant living in the border region, just as Chad had mentioned.

Darren quietly released his spiritual sense to check their strength and found that each of them had incredible power. They were much stronger than the superior talents he had come here with.

Fortunately, he had heard their plans and knew what they intended to do. Their purpose in coming here first was to be prepared to ambush the human superior talents and kill them!

Now, they were ready for the arrival of the superior talents.

Killing these mutant men would be the prudent thing to do. However, Darren didn't want to act rashly as he didn't know how many enemies there were. What was more, he could only exert strength equivalent to the third s

vil cultivator?" Darren asked.

"Honestly, I think Robb is behaving suspiciously. But I'm not sure. After all, even you made a mistake when you thought that Lenny was the evil cultivator."

Darren nodded. The evil cultivator was so good at hiding that he had killed Lenny by mistake. However, Darren did not feel guilty about Lenny's death because Lenny was a mean little man.

"Robb? Why do you suspect him?" Darren was a little confused. He thought of Robb as a man of high integrity. What was more, he hadn't seen Robb behaving suspiciously.

"Just a few things that I have observed. I also have this feeling when I am close to him. It's hard to explain, but I'll try. One day, Robb snuck away from the team while we were all practicing. I happened to see a scarlet gleam in his eye. I don't know if it was my imagination," Tom stated.

"In that case, Tom, you mustn't go back to them. Let's look for the Primitive Stones together. And what I told you is correct. Mutants from the border have occupied the area ahead. We must not go there until our strength has improved."

Tom shook his head at Darren's words and said, "I can't leave the group. Several of my best friends are in the group. I need to be with them in case anything happens."

"Tom, don't be silly. When something happens to the group, it will not make a difference if you are with them or not." Darren gave a wry smile.

"You're right, young man. He's well-intentioned but a silly guy. Such people easily lose their lives," a playful voice said. Then a person walked out of the surrounding woods.

Darren and Tom were nervous. Neither of them had been aware that someone had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

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