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   Chapter 288 Solve The Crisis (Part Two)

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"Sir? Shadow Emperor?" Familiarizing himself with the sound, Darren asked in surprise and glanced at Finley.

"Yes, it's me. I have two opportunities to help you fight with my strength if I use my power through Finley's body. Don't worry about that boy," the Shadow Emperor said in high confidence, without any fear of that boy at all.

"Good. If that is the case, I will count on your help, sir." Bowing to appreciate the help, Darren cupped his hands to Finley and bid him goodbye. He was about to leave when a cry echoed, "Master, please take me with you." The Water Kylin, who had been healing himself from the gregarious kicks he had received from both Darren and Finley, came out. When he learned that Darren was going to leave, he rushed in front of Darren and begged him to take him along.

"You dead dog! I haven't punished you yet! You still have the face to show up in front of me?" Darren stared at him coldly and asked, unable to believe the beast's guts. The Water Kylin was terrified by Darren's stare and quivered while kneeling and persuading him.

"Master, what happened was an accident. I was merely hungry at that time and wanted to look for some food. I never expected that you would be in danger," the Water Kylin said, trying to be funny and persuasive at the same time.

"Shut up! You damned beast! I know you did that on purpose! Finley, aren't you doing something to teach this bastard a lesson? Beat this beast for me!" Determined to get even with the Water Kylin, Darren motioned to Finley. Now the aura of the Shadow Emperor was nowhere to be found, and Finley himself was in turmoil. He glared at the Water Kylin without a blink.

"No, No! Master, in times like this, I will

d to get along well with the grand warriors. It would be a great help to Darren in harnessing his powers.

Yet, the essential thing for Darren was to find some Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule. Though it would be rare and hard to find, that was what Darren was looking for.

After collecting all the Primitive Stones in that place, Darren did not want to summon the Water Kylin out as it was not a good idea. He thought letting the beast out of the Ancient Void Battlefield would probably just bring some trouble for him again. Letting the idea slip out of his kind, Darren took out the notebook that Mathew gave him. The contents of the journal were much more detailed compared to Robb's map.

After reading some notes, Darren thought silently, 'I got it. The south was the place where there were more Primitive Stones.' Securing the book in his pockets, Darren prepared himself to fly south. He was determined to look for rare Primitive Stones that contained the Heavenly Repression Rule. He would risk everything he had to have those stones, even if that meant facing other unfriendly creatures along the way.

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