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   Chapter 287 Solve The Crisis (Part One)

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With a plangent clang-bang, the sky stretched, and a divergent crack appeared amidst the firmament. A giant hand clenching the fainted and limping Water Kylin vanished from there.

In the thirteenth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield, Finley reckoned with a nonchalant expression. "Darren, why the hell did you make such a freak show here? I am terrified almost to death!"

"Well, me too. It's so frightening," the Water Kylin added, agreeing to what Finley had said. The Water Kylin learned his lesson well. He was severely injured in the previous battle. Now, after being frightened to death, the beast's head lolled down with his tongue almost touching the ground. To Darren and Finley, he resembled a dead dog.

"Get away from here!" Both warriors kicked the Water Kylin, and he flew away from their sight as a whole kit and caboodle of the combined kicks.

"Finley, how come even you can't defeat that boy?" Darren asked with his eyebrows knitted while giving Finley a quizzical look.

"No, I cannot defeat him! Now that your force of control is not in perfect shape, it is a disaster to let him come to the Ancient Void Battlefield. I think if the Shadow Emperor controlled the Ancient Void Battlefield, maybe then he could be strong enough to kill the boy," Finley answered.

"Is he that strong? He is just a boy, after all. What stage does he reach precisely?" Darren was determined to know.

"I cannot tell. The boy's strength is too weird and overpowering. Such kind of strong skills is what I have sensed from the Shadow Emperor. I guess he may be as strong as a seven-star grand warrior!"

Darren was not expecting that answer from Finley. When the words synced in

irst space still could be seen. He couldn't get his mind off that mysterious boy.

"Finley, I have to go out. Please stay here and pay attention to that boy. Once he does something unusual, report to me, and I will be back as soon as possible." The reason for his urgent leave was that Darren's intentions of coming to the Raksa Sea this time was to find some Primitive Stones. He could not stay in the Ancient Void Battlefield doing nothing. Thus, he opted to make use of his time and search for the valuable stones.

"Shit! What would I do if he rushed and attacked me?" Finley asked out of extreme fright. Without Darren around, he felt so vulnerable. In his mind, Finley thought that with Darren's absence, he could get killed anytime. If that happened, he would not be able to respawn. He wasn't merely a wisp of spiritual intent anymore after he was combined with the Shadow Emperor's soul.

"Don't worry. I got your back, and I will be here to help you." While Darren gave Finley that assurance, a voice was heard in a distant. The voice had an eerie sound that resembled that of a naughty child, yet it was so powerful.

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