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   Chapter 286 Terrifying Aura

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It was too easy for Darren to untie the black iron chain that was wrapped around the little boy. In the blink of an eye, he was just about done untying it.

The resentful revenants roared loudly, infuriated by the fact that Darren got the better of them. They madly hit the invisible barrier, attempting to stop him from untying the little boy.

But their efforts were for naught as Darren had completely untied the boy from the iron pillar.

"Sir, put me down." The little boy's voice caught Darren by surprise. It sounded light and unfeeling, not like a human being's.

Darren could hardly refuse the little boy's request, and so he gently held the boy and flew away from the iron pillar.

As he took the boy from the black iron pillar, he noticed a statue that was exactly the same as the one in that tumbledown hut.

Seeing Darren holding the little boy, all the revenants faltered back and began fleeing in all directions while having nervous breakdowns.

Soon enough, they were able to make it out of the forbidden zone.

Darren almost dropped the little boy when an extremely cold and terrifying atmosphere suddenly permeated the whole area.

Darren lowered his head towards the little boy. He was alarmed to see that little boy's pupils had become darker and a sinister smile was plastered on his face. It made every hair on Darren's body stand on end.

He unconsciously jerked his arms up, throwing the little boy into the air. However, to Darren's surprise, the boy paused in mid-air. Everything suddenly seemed quiet as Darren watched the scene in front of him. The boy then flew towards him, letting out an ear-splitting scream.

"You? Want to kill me?" Darren's heart started beating frantically.

With a sinister smile still plastered on his face, the little boy narrowed his eyes at Darren and then disappeared in a flash. The next moment, the whole world trembled and numerous shrieks and cries of the revenants were heard.

Darren walked toward the direction of the screams and saw the little boy grabbing a heart and gnawing at it. He was looking at Darren with a strange, frightening smile.


Outside, the Water Kylin was starting to lose count of how many times he had attacked the statue. He had already obtained wounds and bruises from the powerful anti-shock force of the statue. He was growing weak and was on the verge of death.

"Is my short life coming to an end?"

He then shook his head, suddenly gaining back his determination. "No way! I still haven't been able to copulate with a female kylin. I can't die yet... At least not now!"

The Water Kylin stood up from the ground once again, blue flames emergin

ell are you going to do?" Darren glared back at the little boy, eyes bloodshot in anger.

"Death is wonderful, sir. Please don't leave." He flew over to Darren and lunged at him, the two sharp fangs protruding from his mouth.


Darren frantically released his force of control, trying to open the Ancient Void Battlefield.

In a flash, a black hole appeared in midair.

"Get in!" Darren yelled in a hoarse voice.

The force from the whole Ancient Void Battlefield yanked the little boy directly into it.

The figures of Darren and the Water Kylin disappeared as they entered the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Finley! Kill him!" Darren called out as soon as they entered the void.

Finley arrived at the first space of the Ancient Void Battlefield with a whoosh, excited for Darren's return. However, his excitement instantly faded away as soon as he saw the little boy.

There was a look of hesitation on his face, and something else so severe that Darren had not seen on his face before.

"What are you waiting for? I said kill him!" Darren roared.

"What the hell? Kill him? No, idiot! We need to run!" Finley yelled out before rushing towards Darren and dragging him far away from the little boy.

"Ah?" The hair on every inch of the Water Kylin's body stood upright. "Damn it! Don't leave me. Wait for me!" He tried to run after them, but had become too weak to move on his own.

"Mmm... What delicious food!" The little boy licked his tongue with eagerness and leapt towards the Water Kylin.

The Water Kylin trembled in fear at the terrible aura that the little boy was emitting. As a result, he played dead like a dog, sprawling on the ground, belly-side up.

The little boy just flashed a maniacal smile and lunged at the Water Kylin.

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