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   Chapter 285 A Weird Boy

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They were gloomy, quiet, and bloody.

As he glanced at the revenants, Darren felt the overwhelming urge to flee. He knew that he couldn't withstand their strong power.

Soon, the filthy things discovered Darren and rushed toward him.

The revenants were mindless beings—they had no consciousness. They simply detected the smell of blood and headed in that direction.

Darren's throat felt dry and raspy, and he stepped back subconsciously.


Among them were a headless horseman, a scarlet heart, and a girl with half a head... They approached Darren at an alarmingly fast speed.

Meanwhile, a grey aura shot toward Darren. He knew that this was the real aura of death.

Darren defended himself with everything he had, including the unknown wrecked armor.

'Eh? What's going on?'

Darren wondered. He had thought that he would die when the grey aura touched him. However, to his surprise, it was blocked by the black runes from the unknown armor that he wore.

"Ha-ha! I was right. The black runes on my armor must be related to those runes flaring around the statue in the hut! This armor can even resist the attack from the grey aura!" Darren said, pleased.

Aside from the grey aura, the revenants also stopped moving forward.

"Hiss." Darren felt relieved, but his legs were too weak to stand, and so, he collapsed on the ground.

However, it didn't mean that he was safe. Though the revenants did not dare to assault him, he couldn't find a way to leave the domain.

What was more, the armor's function was very limited, for Darren could feel his life ebbing away, little by little. If the situation continued like this, he would die in a month.

Of course, Darren wouldn't passively wait for that to happen. Therefore, after a short break, he stood up and walked ahead, step by step.

The revenants in front of him were afraid of the glittering black runes on Darren's armor. So for each step that he took forward, the revenants took several steps backward.

Since Darren was sure that they would not hurt him, he started to study the sorrowful revenants. Their power was, indeed, ve


"Save me. I am scared. I am in agony." Still, the boy moved his lips, but no sound came. However, his condition and his pleas were heart-wrenching.

Although he wanted to help, Darren was discouraged by the boy's dark eyes. A sense of foreboding filled him.

'Since I can't leave, why should I be afraid of death?' Darren thought with a rueful smile. Now that he was about to die, there was nothing left to fear.

Drawing on the last ounces of his strength, Darren took a mighty leap and flew toward the boy. Once he was closer, he could see the black chains that were binding the boy.

When he touched the black chains, a cold air spread through Darren's body, which felt as though it had come from the Darkest Abyss.

However, the cold feeling faded as the armor's runes glittered. Darren surmised that the armor had absorbed the chilly air.

Next, he started to disengage the black chains that were restraining the boy. At this moment, the boy's eyes seemed to be filled with tears.

Upon discovering Darren's intention, the revenants turned mad and pounced on them. The power they unleashed seemed to tear open heaven and earth.

Fortunately for Darren, the invisible barrier around the black iron pillar turned the revenants into either a pool of blood or white fog. Even so, the remaining revenants still rushed into it without hesitation.

Simmering tension filled the dark world.

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