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   Chapter 284 Hair Stands On End

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Chills crept on Darren's back, and his body started to feel numb. A quiver of panic overwhelmed him as he sensed a horrible breath of something powerful from the glowering sky. In his battle with the animated creatures, he was forced to use a small quantity of the dark gold internal force twice in a row. In doing that, he triggered the Heavenly Repression, and that only meant one thing: what was about to happen would be something horrible for Darren—which was not totally good at all.

Anticipating the inescapable wrath, Darren released his spiritual sense and concealed his aura in the Ancient Void Battlefield. That was the only option he had to escape the divine punishment.

Darren's technique seemed to work this time because the horrible power lingering in the glowering sky missed its goal in a second. After a while, it disappeared in the ether, and the thunderous and hair raising grumble was never heard again.

Though the sky was clear again, Darren was still in plight. Freed from the threat of the Heavenly Repression, he still had the horrid tree to handle. It was true that Darren's dark gold internal force was powerful, but its speed was too slow. The arcane tree dodged the attack effortlessly.

Responding to Darren's attack, countless wickers chased and whipped him all at once. Desperately, he tried to fly into a tumbledown hut to dodge the attack from the tree.


Soon after the loud explosion, Darren felt two streams of great breath from his rear side. From beneath the earth emerged a giant beetle and a stone monster covered with ice. The monstrous creatures appeared in front of him and blocked Darren's way of escape.

The stench made by the two monsters' breath was the same as the tree monster. Apparently, their strengths were equal to Wonder Realm warriors in the outside world.

"Shit!" Darren muttered to himself. He felt helpless as three powerful creatures surrounded him. In his mind, he thought that he would either be beaten to be half-dead or be wholly killed by the nasty creatures.

"Water Kylin, you are such a bastard! How dare you frame me?" Darren said in between clenched teeth, vowing to punish the Water Kylin later.

In the meantime, as Darren was figuring out how to end the battle, he found himself inside a burnt hut. As he roamed his vision around, he saw a pitch-black sculpture boldly etched in the center of the hut. Many black chains twined the weird-looking statue.

A smashing sound interrupted the warrior's reverie; wickers followed Darren closely inside the hut and dashed at him again. As Darren flew backward quickly, his fingers scrabbled the black chains twining around the sculpture and made one swift swing of the strings. With that, the clunky chains hit the tree monster entangling its charred twigs and branches.

"Eh?" Darren let out a sigh as he noticed the oddity displayed by the creatures.

Something strange happened. The tree monster and the other two creatures all took hasty steps back as if they had been much frightened.

"What the hell is going on? Why is it becoming totally dark all of a sudden? Something is wrong here!" Darren shouted, puzzled, and rattled at the same time.

Shifting his gaz

dden area of the Holy Land. Both similarities and differences existed in the two scenes. He was grateful that they had survived in the end.


Darren's head was throbbing this time. A silvery world appeared in his mind as he gathered his spiritual sense to spot where his talent skill of the dragons was attached.

As he blinked his eye, however, everything changed. Black silk threads of some rule floated everywhere and kept stealing his vitality.

Flustered, Darren released his Spirit Power, attempting to cut himself loose from those rule silk threads. After moments of clashing with the threads, he failed. The moment his Spirit Power touched those black silk threads, he could feel a sharp pain in his head. These silk threads were more powerful than he could contain.

"What kind of domain is it? It's not potent yet full of danger," Darren murmured.

Amidst the pain he was enduring, a giggling sound echoed.

Then a sound of footsteps came to Darren's ears. Something or somebody was approaching him.

The whimpering, giggling, the footsteps, and the searing pain in his head mimicked in the pitch-dark night all at the same time. It was total torture that Darren couldn't bear.

Soon after, as he was able to regain his senses, a swarm of odd-looking people appeared in Darren's eyes.

"No head? Part of a body? The string of intestines is running out from their bellies?"

The grotesque scene displayed before Darren's eyes made the hairs in every part of his body stand on ends.

A little girl who had lost half of her skull giggled; a martial artist clad in black armor moved ponderously with part of his body dangling.

Moreover, the rolling limbs, bloody large intestines, and popping eyes were all creeping on the ground.

To Darren's great surprise, the aura exuded by the broken bodies were like the aura he felt from the tree monster, the beetle, and the stone man. That meant that they had the same strength as Grand Realm warriors.

"My god, what kind of sin have I committed to deserve all these?" Wearing a pale countenance, Darren never thought he would die in such a hell-like fate.

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