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   Chapter 283 Darren In Grave Danger (Part Two)

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"Shit! I don't want to waste a Primitive Stone on them. But what else can I do? I run out of options," cursed Darren amidst the battle. He was exhausted by this time. If it was not for his high speed, the creepy little creatures had already engulfed him.

"That's it! Go to hell!" With one hand manipulating the sword, the other hand reached for the Primitive Stone which contained the Heavenly Repression Rule. Darren started to absorb the energy from the stone.

He was lucky that he had found five of them in Chad's secret room. Using one for the nasty little creatures was heartbreaking for Darren. Yet he was left with no choice: one out, four left.

While his mind was preoccupied with regrets of having to use the stone, suddenly, a dark gold internal force enveloped his body.

Overwhelmed by the internal force, Darren limped as his bones crunched like thunder rolling in the distance.

With all his strength, Darren carefully redirected the dark gold internal force toward the creatures. It worked like laser beams. Just a single shot upon the target and they would all vanish. The fierce and tremendous power made all the little creatures shiver with fright. They were screaming and scattered in all directions.

"Help, grandpa, help us!"

"Grandpa! He's going to kill us!"

"I surrender!"

the pint-size creatures shouted, crying for help. But it was too late for these mischievous minions. Though the shell of this place was ten thousand times as hard as the ordinary soil, Darren's beam still managed to bombard the ground, shaking and shattering the boulders into pieces. A lot of the tiny creatures didn't make it out.

Witnessing the scene at a distance, the cowardly Water Kylin was taken by surprise. His eyes popped with terror, and His jaw dropped in awe. "Oh lord, what's that? How come he is so powerful and skilled? I can't believe it!" exclaimed the dazed Water Kylin.

In his mind, the beast

were too powerful, and he didn't want to hurt other superior talents ruthlessly.

But now, the deadly blow from Darren minimally cut off a small patch of twigs. The strength gap between him and the trunk was too wide to abridge. There was nothing Darren could do except fleeing for his life.

The twigs moved forward slowly. But Darren couldn't throw them off.

The tree was swaying gently, and the twigs were dancing. They carefully aimed at Darren, and bang! The sharp end of the supple twig poked a hole through the earth.

It was time for another Primitive Stone. Darren had no alternative but to do what he had to do. Two out, three left.

The dark golden color crept on Darren again. This time, a more potent power enveloped his being.

Within a hundred-mile radius, the earth began to tremble. The leaves and twigs quivered as shock waves hit them and shattered to pieces.

However, at this time, the sky changed its color. Dark clouds thickened above and a destroying pressure gathered in the void.

"Oops! I'm sorry that I disturbed the Heavenly Repression," murmured Darren. Now he got something even more significant to worry about. The magnificent spectacle was a letter from the death itself. Darren willfully stepped forward, like marching towards his doom.

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