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   Chapter 282 Darren In Grave Danger (Part One)

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Grasping for something to hold on to, Darren struggled to slow down his descent that came sooner than he had expected. With a loud and alarming thud, he landed into the bottom of the vast crater. "Arrrgggghhh," he let out a cry as he tried to move his back.

Left with no choice, the warrior had to lie still for a moment and let the pain ease away. As he observed the place where he landed, a pungent scent rushed into his senses, allowing his eyes to linger. He noticed that he was surrounded by unrecognizable black stuff covered in charcoal. The houses and trees in the place were blackened with fire. It was as if the whole place was set in a fiery furnace—a desolate scene.

Unable to move, Darren used his spiritual sense and started sensing a Primitive Stone. Within the Raksa Sea, the scope of detection was strictly restricted. Thus, only the potent entities and elements within a thousand feet could be traced. Those that were beyond the reach would remain hidden and undetected.

"How come I can't sense a single piece of Primitive Stone? Did that guy lie to me?" snorted Darren. He was starting to feel confused and uneasy. After trying for several times, Darren was frustrated as the harsh reality dawned on him. No matter how hard he tried, he wasn't able to locate even a speck of Primitive Stone.

On the verge of giving up, Darren raised his head and hollered at the vast stretch of emptiness that surrounded him. The Primitive Stone was nowhere to be found, the Water Kylin at the same time just vanished into thin air.

Putting much more effort on the search this time, finally, after an hour, Darren patterned a piece of Primitive Stone intergrading in the center of a boulder.

"Gotcha!" Darren was bubbling over with excitement.

Having recovered and replenished some of his strengths, he swiftly flew to the location of the Primitive Stone. With one swift blow of his hands, he broke the large rock in half and took a closer look. The Primitive Stone was beaming a faint ghostly green sparkle.

However, the excitement in Darren's eyes vanished when on the top of the greenish treasure, he saw that there perc

d the scorpion, the buds, and the rocks, all at the same time.

He was not there for a species discovering trip. Thus, the bizarre creatures just annoyed him to his limits. But what Darren didn't notice was, all the little creatures possessed a far greater strength. A fight one-on-one would possibly end in a draw, let alone Darren was taking on a bunch of them at the same time. His earth-shattering attack only attracted more and more of the crafty little creatures.

It was not a war at all; it was a hunting game. After a while, the worms hibernating under the scorched earth sensed the heat. Opening their malicious eyes, they licked their tentacles and came toward Darren in steady quietness.

In defense, Darren began to activate the demon core inside his body as he sensed the approaching danger. Before it was too late, the core took over the body and momentarily, Darren turned into a demon.

The gigantic demonic internal force, together with the sword intent and blade intent, was able to defeat the bizarre ancient creatures.

At par with Darren and his demonic core, the creatures collectively were too big in number for him to handle single-handedly. The rock spirits were surprisingly gifted at defense. Maybe not that surprising, since they were rocks. Yet, it was a close match, and Darren must come up with something more potent before they drained him out or the creatures would keep on increasing.

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