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   Chapter 281 Acting Alone

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Even though Darren had to leave his group, he didn't stray far from his team.

After landing on a deserted island, Darren studied his surroundings. He couldn't seem to allay the sense of foreboding coursing through him.

To his surprise, the real evil cultivator was not Lenny. That meant that the evil cultivator was still among the superior talents. This put them in potential danger of death at any time.

Darren would not bother himself as much had they been chance acquaintances. However, Darren had a good relationship with Tom. From Tom's agonized expression when he thought that Darren had been killed and possessed by the evil cultivator, Darren could tell that Tom considered him to be a true friend.

As for the other talents, they had treated Darren well. Now that they were in danger, he could not sit back and do nothing.

"Since the evil cultivator is hiding among them, they are in grave danger," Darren muttered. But he couldn't figure out which of the talents had been possessed by the evil cultivator, nor could he understand the evil cultivator's purpose. 'Does he kill people only for cultivation?

If he wants to kill people for cultivation, there are countless strong cultivators in the outside world. So why is he trying so hard to enter the Raksa Sea? The only reasonable explanation is that the evil cultivator came here for treasures or Primitive Stones, ' Darren analyzed the possibilities and concluded that the evil cultivator wanted to use the superior talents to hunt for treasures.

'There is a possibility that the evil cultivator will not kill the other superior talents before he gets the treasures he wants. They might remain safe until they discover his true identity, ' Darren surmised.

At this thought, Darren felt relieved. He decided to focus on his initial objective—to find the Primitive Stones that he needed.

"Water Kylin, where are you?" Darren's voice echoed throughout the entire Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Ouch! Help me, master! Finley is going to roast and eat me," Water Kylin wept.

"Did you offend him again?" Darren asked with a shake of his head and a wry smile.

"I didn't offend him at all. He is insane! Save me, master," Water Kylin whined. The creature looked like a pathetic dog that had been beaten up.

"Come out now. I have some business to discuss with you," Darren urged with his spiritual sense as he t

th regret. The creature had found himself in this situation only because he chose to hunt Darren. Water Kylin was so humiliated that he wanted to die.

"Let's go. Take me somewhere where I can look for ordinary Primitive Stones first," Darren mounted Water Kylin's back as he said.

"Fuck! Now I have been reduced to the position of your horse. I want to kill myself. Don't stop me!" Water Kylin howled in fury.

"Gee!" He soared into the sky when Darren patted his ass. Darren was surprised as the creature was much faster than him.

"I have one request. Please don't say 'gee' when you want me to move, or else I will die of embarrassment immediately! Don't think I won't!" Water Kylin implored as tears welled in his eyes.



With Water Kylin's speed, Darren reached the heartland of the large island in a heartbeat.

Looking down, Darren saw a huge pit with a radius of tens of miles. Some simple, thatched huts were scattered across the pit.

"We are here, master," Water Kylin said feebly. His head drooped in submission.


Darren aimed for the huge pit as he dove from Water Kylin's back.

"Master, don't." Just as Water Kylin started to warn Darren not to go there, he reconsidered. With a sly expression, he muttered, "Hum, you have bullied me so much. It's time for you to suffer. I can save you when you are half dead."

"Master, I will go and find something to eat. Take your time searching for your stones," Water Kylin howled and laughed sinisterly. Then, he hid behind a boulder. Humming a nasty tune, he began to wait for a good show.

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