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   Chapter 280 Unexplainable Situation (Part Two)

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"Don't push me. You asked for this!" Darren believed that the evil cultivator would be exposed once the host was killed. If that happened, everyone would know the truth.

He then rallied his energy to activate the demon core inside him. He had to use the demonic transformation skill to change his body at this moment.

"Look, he's changing! That's his original form!" shouted someone in fear. The crowd gave out panicked shrieks.

Darren paid no attention to the frightened faces and screams of the people, as he was determined to kill Lenny at this moment. He would just explain it to them as soon as Lenny was dead and the truth was brought into daylight.

Darren launched a mighty attack at the people in front of him, making the ground rumble.

Although Darren's demonic internal force had also been suppressed, it could still generate a powerful force with the help of his sword and blade skills. It was even more powerful than when he used the three elements simultaneously in ordinary days.

Taking advantage of the strength of his demonic body after his transformation, Darren wildly rammed his body against the crowd like a desperate raging bull, successfully shouldering his way through the fighting warriors. He finally reached his target.

"Go to hell!" he roared furiously. Hundreds of sword shadows immediately came into being.

Lenny let out a scream in the face of such an unexpected change. He desperately swung his weapons to ward off the attacking forces from Darren's sword and blade. But alas, the power of Darren's demonic internal force was so strong. It was already beyond his ability to defend himself from the attack. He breathed out his last breath before he let out another scream.

Darren landed on the ground from th

ll prove that I'm not the evil cultivator. Someday in the future, I swear I will!" Darren said, activating the Wind Rule to flee from his losing battle.

Darren could have easily killed at least a couple of warriors before he escaped if he had really tried to. But he was unwilling to do that. He tried to consider the situation from the point of view of the warriors and put himself in their shoes. Had all of this happened to another guy, he would also spare no time on killing that person who, in his eyes, appeared to be the evil cultivator.

Darren rounded up all his remaining energy to get rid of the suppressing force of the golden pot and escaped towards the distance like a launched arrow. His figure disappeared from the warriors' sights in the blink of an eye.

"Thank God we were able to drive him away without any casualties. We should leave as soon as possible lest that demon comes back." Robb commanded the warriors to move on ahead, staying until all the other people had left. Before leaving, he turned to cast a look at the direction that Darren had escaped. A glint of cunning triumph flashed in his eyes as a cold sly smile emerged on his lips.

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