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   Chapter 279 Unexplainable Situation (Part One)

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As the atmosphere of fear intensified among the crowd, Lenny, the young man who had killed the suspicious evil cultivator stepped forward and said, "They seemed to have been attacked and killed by some kind of fierce animal. Don't frighten yourself!"

All of a sudden, the air stirred violently, generating a loud noise.

A shadow leaped out of nowhere. It flashed by like lightning and struck Lenny from behind. The force from the hit was so powerful that Lenny was thrown out from the crowd. He fell onto the ground, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

"Darren! It's you! How dare you attack me in such a shamefully sneaky way?" Lenny staggered up to his feet, his eyes full of fury and resentment.

Everybody suddenly felt confused at this unexpected situation. Although Lenny had always had a rude habit of speaking ill-mannered words in the most inappropriate circumstances, what he said just a while ago was not very offensive so as to warrant such a rough lesson from Darren. Everyone was wondering what Darren's reason for attacking Lenny was.

Darren stayed quiet and stood there, cold eyes fixed on Lenny, watching his every move.

"So what Robb said about you is true! The real Darren is dead! This man standing in front of us is the one controlled by the evil cultivator! The evil cultivator has taken over his body! The Darren we know is dead!" Lenny slowly inched back in terror. He looked as if he had seen a ghost, or something worse.

All the superior talents also started retreating upon hearing Lenny's words. They all wanted to keep their distance from the seemingly evil Darren.

"Now you're trying to frame me, right?" uttered Darren coldly. Judging from Lenny's behavior, Darren was quite certain that there was something wrong with him. He was definitely behaving strangely.

"Stop telling lies in front of us.

pon hearing Lenny's words, they all simultaneously charged at Darren to ward off his sword.

The superior talents stood between Darren and Lenny to keep Darren from attacking Lenny any further. Although Darren could run fast, it would still be next to impossible for him to get through all the warriors and take Lenny's life without any obstacles. The talents were all either at the fourth or the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm and thus were all incredibly strong. Darren, on the other hand, was just at the preliminary stage of the Spirit Realm in this world. He was by no means their match.

However, Darren was not one to give up so easily in front of strong opponents; he did not waver. He used both his sword and blade to launch ceaseless attacks at Lenny from every possible direction.

After launching his attack, he found, to his dismay, that he was unsuccessful in killing his target as there were so many people protecting him. It wasn't long before another group of people joined the fight. The first group protected Lenny while the second attacked Darren. Gradually, more and more superior talents joined the fight on Lenny's side. Only Robb and Tom were left standing to watch the two sides battle each other.

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