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   Chapter 278 The Corpse (Part Two)

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"Are you implying that I am rude and discourteous? It seems the punch you had is not enough. Let me give you some more. Then we'll see how you spit out those insolent words," Finley raged. Without allowing the beast to respond, Finley rushed toward Water Kylin with clenched fists.

Water Kylin had already anticipated this outcome. Since he had showed his loyalty to Darren, he relied on Darren to protect him. Water Kylin hid behind Darren and begged him, "Master, please help! Finley is a jerk."

A small chasing game ensued. Darren relaxed and watched Finley chase the creature. With a slight smile, he dissuaded Finley, "Stop it, Finely! There is no point in sulking. He is as shifty and sly as you. Why do you bother picking on your kind?"

Being close to Darren, Finley was smart enough to know that Darren was joking as well as complimenting his wit. Even so, he pretended to be irritated and accused, "Sly and shifty? Is that what you think of me? I can't believe that you are comparing me with such an ugly beast, man. It is like you have stabbed me right in the heart." Furrowing his brows, Finley grimaced at Darren as if he was upset.

However, the inciter, Water Kylin, did not stay silent. Before Darren could speak, he added fuel to the fire. "You are even worse than beasts," Water Kylin blurted out.

The creature's words led to a higher spurt of anger. Finley ground his teeth with fury and barked, "You son of a bitch! If I don't tear your dreadful mouth apart today, I will change my name!"

Upon sensing that Finley was truly infuriated, Water Kylin tried to escape. However, much to his surprise, Finley used his space skill and grabbed him by the tail.

There was no doubt that Water Kylin would pay for provoking Finley. Even so, Darren knew that Finely would not kill the legendary beast now that Darren and the creature had created a bond. So, Darren smiled as he watched the two fight like quarreling siblings. Then he said, "Why on earth do I have to be with you two freaks? Isn't it enough that I have so many hardships to go through? Go ahead, strike hard, and eliminate one burden for me. I don't want you two to be arguing about something around me all the time."

And then, without any warning, Darren retreated from the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Looking at Darren's progressively fading figure, Water Kylin became even more panicked, for he knew

reatening, the fight between them finally finished.

It took the group of talents more than a month to reach the end of the cave. Finally, they set foot on the big island.

Once there, they realized that the island was more of a continent. The area it covered was immensely large and estimated to be around thousands of miles.

"Be careful, everyone! Some dangerous creatures might be living here. We might also encounter other treasure hunting groups," Robb warned everyone as he glanced around.

"This island is so big. How do we find Primitive Stones while our strengths are suppressed?" one of the men said in dismay.

"It is true. Without the help of our skills, we are at a huge disadvantage," another man sighed.

"Don't worry! I know where to look. Just follow me, and I assure you that we will find good things," Robb encouraged, injecting inspiration into everyone.

He then led the group in a direction. They only covered about two miles before Robb, who had been walking in front, suddenly halted.

A horrific scene appeared in front of the group. Several dead bodies lay in a pool of blood. From the clothes they wore, the talents instantly recognized the dead people to be the group of superior talents that had begun their march ahead of them.

"What has happened here? Why were they killed so mercilessly?"

"Is it possible that the man Mr. Brian You warned us about is still alive? Was he hiding in this group?" People started speculating as terror coursed through them.

They all felt that their chances of surviving the danger had reduced significantly.

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