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   Chapter 277 The Corpse (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-13 10:53

"You think that I am just a toy boy? How about a taste of my fist?" Finley clenched his hand and threw a hard punch at Water Kylin. Unable to dodge, the blow collided with Water Kylin's face. As unbearable pain coursed through him, the creature let out a moan before slumping to the ground.

"I'm sorry. So very sorry! I am a fool! Please forgive me!" Water Kylin begged for forgiveness as he looked at Finley pitifully.

Finley's anger did not seem to subside. Just as he was about to punch Water Kylin again, Darren stepped forward and grabbed him by the shoulder. "That is enough!" Darren advised and then turned to Water Kylin. "You want to submit to us, that is fine. We want to know how you will guarantee that you will not betray us one day. I don't want to live with the fear of being betrayed by you," he said.

Finley was also highly doubtful about Water Kylin's loyalty. He glared at Water Kylin and accused, "Don't believe him, Darren! This bastard is as sly as a snake. Who knows what he is plotting and when he will turn on us. I suggest that we eat him right away and eliminate the threat."

"Please don't! As a legendary beast, I can create a life and death bond with you. If we establish the bond, you can be assured that I will never have the guts to harm you," Water Kylin hurried to explain. It sounded so sincere and faithful that Darren was beginning to believe it.

"What is a life and death bond?" he inquired earnestly. The memory of how Scott had created a life and death bond with him surfaced in Darren's mind. He also recalled how deeply he had felt attached to him and how concerned he had been about Scott's safety since then. But now, when it came to creating the same bond with a legendary beast, Darren wondered how it would work.

Noting his bafflement, Water Kylin started to clarify, "I will explain plainly so that you can understand better. As for the life and death bond, in simple words, my life relies on your safety. If you face any kind of danger and die, I will die along with you because of the effect of the bond. However, on the contrary, if I run into any life-threatening danger, you will not be affected. My death won't bring any harm to yo

th if I want to, by that time," he gloated. A golden light flashed in Water Kylin's eyes as he began to imagine all the power and glory that lay in his future. Water Kylin, indeed, had a special and noble bloodline, which enabled him to cultivate skills much faster than other beasts. This was why the creature was superior to everyone. Whenever Water Kylin wanted to flaunt his abilities in front of people, he would speak of his heritage.

"You can slap the holy warrior to death? That is bullshit!" Finley countered. The creature's suppositions did not convince him in the least.

A spasm of anger passed swiftly over Water Kylin's face, but then, he instantly gave way to a look of submission and a small laugh. "I am not overselling my strength. You can see it for yourself after a million years," he grumbled timidly.

"A million years? You got to be kidding me! This is bullshit!" Finley exclaimed with a roll of his eyes. He felt that he would burst into laughter any minute if he listened to more of Water Kylin's exaggeration and irrational self-compliments.

Water Kylin was irked. He had been refraining from expressing his temper roused by Finley's impudence, as he feared that Finley might strike again. Despite the verbal clash, the creature wanted Finley to show him some respect. "Buddy, would you please skip using the word 'bullshit' when you say something? It is not a polite word to use," Water Kylin advised in a slow but firm voice.

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