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   Chapter 276 Give Your Loyalty Or Die (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-13 10:53

The Water Kylin's head was limping down. The pair of eyes that stared at Darren were heaving hot glares, and steamy breaths escaped from his nostrils. Obviously, the creature refused to bend a knee to Darren.

"Beat him!" Seeing the Water Kylin's act of refusal, Darren gave Finley his command.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With swift and articulate moves, Finley kicked the Water Kylin hard, and the creature was rolling like an airless ball in no time.

"Do you want to give your loyalty to me or be mistreated by me? Choose your fate. The former one or the latter? I'm giving you the last chance!" Darren's cold voice erupted again.

The Water Kylin remained to lie on his stomach, shedding blood all over. It looked as if the Water Kylin was dead.

"I know you are playing dead!" This time, Darren walked to where the Water Kylin was lying and stabbed his leg with his sword. The sword intent inflicted great pain in the Water Kylin's meridians, and it made the creature roll frantically.


A loud sound cluttered as the Water Kylin bellowed in great pain.

"You are mean! You are as feeble as an ant. You don't deserve my loyalty!" The voice that came out the Water Kylin's mouth was weak, but he managed to be arrogant.

"Ha, ha! So you actually can speak!" Though he couldn't understand why, Darren had a strange feeling about the Water Kylin. He knew that a demonic monster at high levels usually could speak, but why this ancient legendary beast kept his silence?

"Don't speak too much. You wanted to kill Darren before, right? Now you are beaten by me like a dead dog. Where do you pull the strength to call us ants? You wish that we could have killed you, right?" Finley snarled and kicked the Water Kylin again—mu

s loyalty, the Water Kylin got down on his knees and looked at Darren with the utmost respect.

A triumphant smile etched on Darren's face. When the Water Kylin suck up Finley earlier, Darren sensed that the so-called ancient legendary beast was a silly one. He was afraid of death. That was the reason Darren asked Finley to kill the Water Kylin right at that instant. Darren had expected that he would yield and gave his loyalty willingly.

"Well? Didn't you say you look down on me? Didn't you say that only if I defeat you, then you would give your loyalty to me? I wasn't able to defeat you yet, and I don't want to try either. I still want you to die. Finley, kill him," mockingly, Darren said while shaking his head.

"No, master!" The Water Kylin's voice seemed to be young and quivered as he protested. "I was too blind to see your identity. Even that young toyboy is your servant; it is an honor that I can give my loyalty to you. Please let me be your servant, too," the beast continued.

With those words coming out of the Water Kylin's mouth, Finley was embarrassed. He got angry, feeling humiliated by the beast that he had just beaten.

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