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   Chapter 275 Give Your Loyalty Or Die (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-13 00:13

Clang! Clang! Clang!

An ear-shattering sound reverberated as Finley's figure flickered in the sky. Disappearing on one side and appearing on another end, Finley moved swiftly. No one could follow him with their eyes. As he landed with a loud thud, he hit the Water Kylin with forceful thrusts of his palm continuously.

Caught unprepared by the attack, the Water Kylin was severely afflicted and whined painfully.

The enormous Water Kylin was famous in battles, known for his giant paws. In his previous encounters, he was able to smash numerous towering mountains into pieces. Surprisingly, in this situation, however, the Water Kylin could not even manage to touch Finley's body despite various attempts.

"How can this guy be so strong?" Witnessing the fight, Darren was surprised at Finley's skills. Knowing his strength, Darren had thought that Finley could slightly take the upper hand. The thought came into his mind when he remembered the fight between him and Finley the last time. However, now that Finley was facing the Water Kylin, Darren was shocked to see that the creature did not even stand a single chance to fight back.

After a short moment, a great roar resounded, and soon the Water Kylin's body was bleeding heavily on the ground. Both Darren and Finley waited for the creature to stand and fight back, but that was to no avail. Finley had put an end to the fight.

"I did it!" Finley's figure beamed with a triumphant smile as he appeared in front of Darren.

"Nice! Very good. You seem to have improved a lot these past few days. You have defeated an ancient legendary beast without even sweating." Darren lifted Finley's spirits by praising him for a well-fought battle. The Water Kylin was known as a potent and almost invinci

beast is really dead. He might have survived and get back to you," Darren said to Finley with a blank face, not betraying what he felt inside.

"Yes, Mr. Darren Chu," Seeing that Darren did not blame him for the magic herbs, Finley stepped closer to check on the Water Kylin, while humming a happy song in a low voice.

"Oh? This legendary beast is still alive!" Finley shouted in surprise. "Let me give you the last punch to end your life completely. Ha-ha!" he continued and burst into a fit of laughter.

"No!" Hearing Finley's words, Darren stopped him.

"You want to kill the creature by yourself, Darren? Okay, you go then. But I have to remind you that the skin of that Water Kylin is tough, and you'd better be careful."

What Darren was contemplating in his mind was whether he should kill the Water Kylin and assimilate its power, or let the Water Kylin live to guard the Ancient Void Battlefield. He was caught between the two alternatives.

After weighing things over for a short while, he intended to have the latter choice. Walking closer to the creature, he invoked with a voice as loud as thunder, "Are you willing to give your loyalty to me?"

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