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   Chapter 274 The Legendary Beast

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The sky's sunlight was blocked by a flock of black birds which fiercely fell on Darren and the superior talents. The black birds looked menacing in the sky.

"These raptors are almost at the Spirit Realm, and their power won't be suppressed by heaven and earth. We've got to do something but exactly what should we do?" one superior talent asked.

If, however, the black birds were in the outside world, anyone of them could easily wipe them out swiftly. On the other hand, here was the Raksa Sea. Since the superior talents' powers had been repressed, the man with the strongest cultivation base among them was just at the fifth to the sixth stage of the Spirit Realm.

In just the next breath, countless birds had surrounded them from all sides.


They waved their weapons to slash the black birds. However, the birds seemed to have no end, flying over them continuously. The superior talents fought bravely although at times they felt it was a worthless fight.

"Ah! Ah!" a superior talent whose cultivation base was only at the third stage of the Spirit Realm cried out. Weaker than the others, he was immediately fenced in by the black birds. The flesh of his arms were gnawed away in three seconds, revealing his off-white bones. From the look on his face you could tell he was in agony, despite fighting bravely.

"Protect Mason!" Robb yelled. He and some other relatively powerful superior talents surrounded the wounded young man in a circle to limit the birds' access to Mason.

"Damn! If it goes on like this, we will all end up dead. Someone must take considerable risks to resist the birds so that the others can be covered in order to evacuate and reach the underground cavern," the leading superior talent, Robb, shouted to the others, after he had carefully thought it through in his mind.

"I will do it!" shouted an enthusiastic voice.

"Let me try!" shouted another excited voice.

Several superior talents were rushing to undertake the task despite the fact that the man covering the others would very likely die, with almost no chance of escaping. It was a very brave, gallant decision to make.

"Go now! Leave them to me!" shouted a voice. At that point, Darren elbowed his way out and stood in front of the others, hacking at the birds darting at him one by one endlessly.

"No. Darren, your power is too weak to shoulder the task. I will do it!" Tom stated as he hurried to Darren immediately, fighting the birds alongside him with all his energy, to prove he could do it.

"Tom, I assure you that I know how to deal with them!" Darren said, and then he pushed Tom away with one palm. Tom was startled, but Darren was determined.


Darren dashed out surprisingly quickly, with the sword light sparkling along his way, and patches of the black birds trickling down. The contradiction was bizarre.

"This... How did he do that?" asked a voice. All the superior talents were astonished by the scene. However, they all understood that no time should be wasted in wrestling with such issues. Since Darren was able to resist the birds, they ran away wh

at last after a few minutes of struggling.


The whole Ancient Void Battlefield was slightly shaken by the Water Kylin's furious howl.

It attacked the space in all directions, destroying the mountains and cracking the earth, just like an earthquake.

"Humph. You beast, kneel down!" Darren commanded. His voice was like the sound of a god, almost splitting the internal organs of the Water Kylin.

However, Darren was now too weak to activate the force of control to kill it. Even if he didn't consume the force of control before, on the premise that the Water Kylin broke into the Ancient Void Battlefield itself, he still wasn't able to kill it without the dark gold internal force.

The force of control worked only within this small world. In other words, Darren was unbeatable for the creatures confined to the Ancient Void Battlefield. As to the creatures from the outside world, Darren had to slaughter them with his real power, since they were beyond the force of control.

Actually, the Water Kylin could rival a two-star grand warrior, while Darren only came up to a one-star grand warrior in the Ancient Void Battlefield. Therefore, if they fought against one another, he had no chance to kill it. The outcome would be the same as it was when it was him versus Finley.


Provoked by irrational fear, the Water Kylin never stopped ruining the first space of the Ancient Void Battlefield. It was in shambles.

"Finley, come out! Kill it for me!" Darren shouted coldly. Then a young man in white showed up in the first space.

"Holy shit! Darren, you really are a trouble maker. You even bring me a beast rivaling a two-star grand warrior so soon. What a surprise! What next can I expect from you?" Finley said and grinned.

"Don't talk nonsense! It tried to kill me. Now it's over to you," Darren shouted. He had narrowly escaped from the Water Kylin, but now his hatred surged exceedingly high.

"Yes, sir!" Finley calmly smiled, all while darting towards the Water Kylin. As for Darren, he merely flashed near him and watched.

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