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   Chapter 273 The Situation Was Not As Simple As It Looked

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Several grand warriors were troubled when they heard Baron. Were over seventy superior talents at risk?

"What happened?" several grand warriors asked in unison.

"Do you remember the man who focused on the Blood Refining skill and killed a lot of grand warriors hundreds of years ago?" Baron asked with a frown.

"Grand Blood Refiner! Didn't a senior suppress him?" The other grand warriors understood the danger at once. That man had left far too deep an impression on them.

Baron shook his head. "I have detected traces of the Blood Refining Sect before. I thought it might have been some underlings creating a disturbance on a small scale. I never suspected that the Grand Blood Refiner had been liberated. I was careless for not reporting this earlier," Baron explained.

"The Grand Blood Refiner would have been uncontrollable had he not been suppressed by the senior. It's good that his domain cracked when he ran away, as that means that his level decreased a lot. Those superior talents could kill him if they work together."

"It's not that simple. Don't forget there are countless treasures and Primitive Stones in the Raksa Sea. The Grand Blood Refiner's strength could be restored to its original level if he gets those treasures."

Several grand warriors grew worried upon hearing these words.

"If you are right, how did he enter the Raksa Sea? He is an old monster. He would have been torn apart by the altar because of his age," a grand warrior said with doubts.

"He is good at hiding himself. His avatar blood refining skill helps him to control others. He must have possessed some talent via his premium skill and wormed his way into the Raksa Sea. It is possible that he is hiding among the superior talents," Baron replied.

"You are probably right. Losing some Primitive Stones is a small matter of no great significance. However, our sin will be greater if he refines any of our superior talents. We have to find a way to inform them of the existence of the Grand Blood Refiner," another grand warrior suggested.

"Such being the case, we need to risk opening the altar again. Brian, use your voice transmitting arcane skill to advise the superior talents about the situation. Do also tell them that it is imperative that they work together to kill the evil cultivator! Perhaps if they're lucky enough, they will avert the catastrophe."

Brian nodded solemnly. The others had selected him for this assignment as he was the best at using the arcane skill to transmit his voice.

Immediately after, several grand warriors, who seemed to be a little weak and exhausted, triggered the altar again. Fortunately, this time, they only needed to create a crack

ath this island as it connected with another large island. The group thought that this would be the very place to hide some treasures. Since this area was largely unexplored, it would be a good place to find undiscovered Primitive Stones. Thus, they planned to go to the large island first.

Once the discussion was complete, they glanced around and found that two other groups of superior talents had left the island.

"Move faster. Time waits for no one," Robb hailed as he instructed everybody to look for the underground cavern.

Darren didn't take part in the discussion. Although he followed the superior talents, he seemed to be ruminating about something.

"What's wrong with you, Darren? Why are you silent?" Tom and Darren walked at the end of the group. He asked when he noticed Darren's pensive expression.

Darren raised his head. Just as he was about to respond to Tom's question, he saw Lenny cast an inconspicuous and sinister glance at Robb.

"Tom, do you think there is something abnormal about Lenny? I feel as though something is wrong with him," Darren finally voiced his doubts. From the beginning to the end, Darren thought that the matter Brian informed them about was not as simple as it appeared.

"Hey, you are overthinking. Lenny has competed with Robb before, but he failed. It's normal for him to feel some resentment toward Robb. Let's move on," Tom said, smiling.

"Maybe." Darren walked forward to help the team. Reassured by Tom, he stopped thinking about the situation.

However, something happened when they found the entrance of the underground cavern.

Sharp shrieks were heard from the sky. Several black figures spotted the group of talents and flew straight for them.

"Shit, so many fierce raptors!" The crowd was immediately alarmed.

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