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   Chapter 272 Hidden Dangers

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The Raksa Sea was a relic of an ancient time. If one wished to go there, aside from having great strength, he would also need seven grand warriors' blood essence. The blood essence was crucial to the activation of the altar that transferred the people to the Raksa Sea. Apart from that, entering of the Raksa Sea had an age-restriction⁠ and only those who were under the age of thirty were allowed to enter. For that reason, grand warriors often employed the help of superior talents.

Like Chad had mentioned, the Raksa Sea did not only hold Primitive Stones, it also held a great abundance of other treasures. Every superior talent aspired to be able to go there someday—and that day was now.

Over seventy of the current superior talents from the Earth Chart of the Talent Roll were summoned by the grand warriors to enter the Raksa Sea.

Seven grand warriors stood in front of the black altar, their long robes fluttering in the howling wind. The superior talents that were standing behind them felt incredibly intimidated by the domineering aura that they were emitting.

"May I have everyone's attention, please. When a crack opens from the altar, you are to immediately enter it. Do not waste any second. Do you understand?" one of the grand warriors told them, his booming voice reverberating in the air.

"Yes, sir!" the superior talents responded in unison.

All the superior talents then fixed their eyes on the altar, holding their breath as they waited for the crack to open. The altar would only be open for a very short amount of time, so they had to dash towards it with their full speed once the crack appeared.

At that moment, the seven grand warriors' strengths had reached the top level, so they then began transferring their power. Soon, the blood essence spilled out from their chests and flowed towards the altar.

Everyone's attention was focused on the altar, and thus no one noticed the several gloomy shadows that were floating in the air, intently watching the scene.

"Distinguished Grand Blood Refiner, look at that lad. He's the one who came out of the Ancient Void Battlefield. I suspect that he still has Primitive Stones," a figure from the shadows said. He had been following Darren for several days.

"Is it because you want to wait for him to collect more Primitive Stones from the Raksa Sea and take all those treasures once you've killed him?"

The four shadows floating in the air turned their heads to look at the direction of a man. He was dressed in black shirt and wore a bamboo hat.

That man took off his hat, revealing his frightening face. Half of it was exposed skull and the other half was rotting flesh.

"No. This time, I will go to the Raksa Sea myself," the man replied in a rough harsh voice. Aside from his unfavorable appearance, he was also wafting with a horrible stench. If someone were to come close to the man,


As for the other four grand warriors' superior talents, they might fall from the black crack too. It was also possible that they already fell and probably landed somewhere that Darren's group could not see.


Back at the altar outside of the black crack, the seven grand warriors had begun to rest. Using up a large quantity of blood essence and power to open the altar had left them extremely exhausted.

However, they all smiled contentedly, seeing that all the superior talents had successfully entered the black crack. They were all looking forward to the talents' success in retrieving a great deal of treasures.

"Ann, did you feel something strange? I can't but feel a little uneasy," a grand warrior said.

"You felt that too?" Ann pursed her lips, worry starting to creep into her.

As soon as the two mentioned it, an unsettling feeling washed over all the other grand warriors. They furrowed their eyebrows in thought.

"Now that you've mentioned it, I did feel a strange aura as well. But we were in a critical moment at the time, so I didn't give much thought about it."

As masters who reached the Grand Realm, they all had acute senses. Even the slightest of movements would not be able to escape their attention. It was frightening to think that several grand warriors all sensed the same unsettling disturbance.

"Baron, you should check on it." Chad turned to the grand warrior beside him.

Baron was regarded as the one who had the strongest spiritual sense. If he wanted to investigate an aura, even if it was left by a bird that passed by ten years ago, he would be able to find it.

Baron nodded in agreement. He immediately used his special spiritual sense to examine everything around them.

After searching for a while, Baron's eyes suddenly widened in shock. "It's him! I'm afraid that those superior talents may be in grave danger. They might die in the black crack."

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