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   Chapter 271 The Journey To The Raksa Sea (Part Two)

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Then Darren headed for Skywalker Alliance. He knew that he had to prepare for the journey to the Raksa Sea before it was too late.

A month was insufficient preparation time for the trip.

"Darren, our master has sent for you." Boyce was overjoyed when he found Darren in his dwelling.

"Sure. Tell Mr. Lou that I will be right there," Darren answered delightedly. It was no surprise that Chad would summon him.

After several minutes, Darren was waiting in the palatial hall for an audience with Chad.

"Oh, my dear nephew, Darren! Do have a seat," said Chad, warmly. The host didn't make Darren wait for long. Though by the time he showed up, a dozen young warriors had already been waiting for a while. Chad ignored them and addressed Darren first. And, he beckoned to Darren to sit at the head, in front of Tom.

"Good day, Darren!" a man conveyed his regards to Darren.

"How are you doing, Darren?" greeted another young fellow enthusiastically.

Though all the warriors present were accomplished in martial arts, they remained pleasant and respectful in front of Darren. They had to for Darren had achieved much more, and, more importantly, he was higher in rank among the disciples.

Darren remained silent. When a warrior greeted him, Darren responded by nodding. He sat down the minute Chad asked him to. It was impolite to speak in front of Chad before being spoken to.

After Darren took his seat, Chad walked to the podium and began his speech. "Mighty warriors! Your presence greatly honors me. Tomorrow, you will begin your journey to the Raksa Sea." He paused and looked around. The sudden break made everyone wonder why Chad had stopped. The crowd re-summoned their wandering attention and listened with bated breath. Chad smiled and continued, "Therefore, before you go, I'd like to offer you some advice. I hope you will listen and learn."

"Yes, sir!" all the men responded collectively.

"The journey to the Raksa Sea is not only for my Primitive Stones but also for your development.

As far as I know, the Raksa Sea is an anci

questioned Darren. Though it was risky asking for them, Darren decided to make the request.

"Really? Can I have them?" Under his calm facade, Darren's heart beat faster as he waited for Chad to reply.

"What for? I just told you that they are useless."

"Oh, I like the color. Ghostly green has always fascinated me. Can I have them, just for fun?" Unsure of what to say, Darren floated quite a lame excuse. Chad could easily refuse him as petty pleasures thwarted high aims.

But, Chad doted on Darren for some reason. "Fine, take them if they will please you. Don't waste time on them, though. And do not fiddle with them. Don't ever think about absorbing what's left in the stones, or you will embrace an ugly death. Do you understand?"

"I won't, Uncle Chad. Thank you, Uncle Chad." Once the precious Primitive Stones were in his bag, Darren randomly picked a shield and a weapon and left.

The next morning at daybreak, several dozen superior talents, including Darren, headed for the Raksa Sea. Led by grand warriors, they reached the edge of an ancient altar.

"Raksa Sea, here I come!" an overly excited young lad hollered. Darren was also in a good mood. If they entered the primitive sea successfully, he could find more Primitive Stones. If he managed to collect enough Primitive Stones, he would be able to achieve his goal of entering the Wonder Realm.

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