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   Chapter 270 The Journey To The Raksa Sea (Part One)

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"A loser? How dare you call him that?" Violet exclaimed. "Roger, you are out of your mind," she added. Her face turned sullen, and she spoke faster. "Don't you know that he is Mr. Chad Lou's most prominent disciple? If I were you, I'd watch my language."

"Hey, Violet, don't bluff. I have never heard of that name. If you think that you can invent people randomly and try to frighten me, you are wrong. You will regret this!" Roger retorted. Roger had always been overly suspicious and unbelievably conceited. And in this case, his distrust and arrogance invited trouble. On hearing this conversation, Darren narrowed his eyes as he glared at Roger. His indifferent expression spoke louder than any words.

"Miss Wang, thank you for speaking up for me. But, I believe you can't talk sense into this gentleman, no matter how hard you try. I am sorry. Since he wants to kill me, then why don't we let him try? Let's see what he can do." Darren patted Violet gently on her back to reassure her. However, his expression was as cold as ice as he stared at Roger.

Violet had been passing by when she saw the fight. Her sense of justice compelled her to stop and observe. She was a girl who would always protect those in need. As she stood watching the fight, Violet learned that someone was after Darren. She was so impressed by Darren when they were in the Ancient Void Battlefield that she couldn't help standing up for him.

After Darren left the Ancient Void Battlefield, news spread everywhere—in and outside of Talent City. The disciples of the many grand warriors told everyone far and wide that the grand warrior, Chad Lou, had called Darren his most prominent disciple. The news also reached Violet.

Though Violet supported Darren, she was not a reckless fool. She knew that she was no match for Roger, the genius who ranked eighteenth on the Talent Roll. Therefore, she mentioned Chad with the hopes that her name-dropping would intimidate Roger instead of infuriating him. It all depended on whether Roger was a

ng his gaze away. Flirting with Violet like that made him uncomfortable. After a moment's silence, Darren responded with, "I have to leave now. Goodbye, Miss Wang."

Before she could grumble about his indifference, Darren vanished into thin air.

"Hey, you... Darren?" Violet fell silent. Her chest rose and fell in anger. Violet had planned to trick him into promising that he would stay with her to repay his debt of gratitude. Obviously, her plan failed as Darren had left. "What a frigid man! He is so hard to please!" she grumbled even though a smile lifted the corners of her pretty lips.

Once Darren left Violet, he flew toward Talent City. He was searching for Ron's family.

Ron was a widower with no children. He lived in an old house with his father, who was weak and sick. Although they depended on each other, Ron's father was in bad shape.

Darren didn't visit Ron's father in person. Instead, he bought Ron's father many well-trained servants. In this way, Ron's father could live out his remaining years in peace, just like any other well-off country gentleman. Besides, he also left a considerable amount of money in Ron's house when nobody was watching, in case of an emergency. Darren reckoned that this was enough compensation. Satisfied that he had done everything possible, Darren left quietly without being noticed.

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