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   Chapter 269 Roger (Part Two)

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"I will kill you!" Darren let out a roar.

With a tempest toss, Darren flew towards Dean with lightning speed. He went straight to Dean and aimed for his head.

The simple swing of his sword seemed like an ordinary thrust, but it contained his most potent power. With a flashing blow, Darren's power settled over Dean in a split second. In the aftermath, Dean was pressed so hard by the tremendous power that he couldn't hit back.


Another loud sound shattered the silence, and Darren was puzzled that he couldn't kill Dean. To his surprise, someone blocked his sword!

"Fuck off!" Pissed, Darren gave out a roar in anger. Though he had no idea who made the block, out of sheer frustration, he blew his enormous blade and sword intent towards that guy.

"Humph." The guy gave out a snort. Raising his hand, he lunged towards Darren's blade and sword intent. In a snap, it was all shattered into pieces. As the guy's control overpowered Darren, he was pushed back in great strides.

Blasted off, Darren was in shock. Seething with anger, he flew back to confront the guy.

"Who the hell are you? Stay out of my way!" Darren warned the guy, hollering with a harsh, disdained voice.

Exuding confidence, that young man quietly and fearlessly stood in front of Darren. His long purple hair rested over his shoulders.

"Who am I?" the man asked with a dominant aura exuding from within him. Darren could tell that he was extremely powerful.

"I'm a superior talent who is ranked number eighteen on the Talent Roll. My name is Roger Jing. Have you heard about me?" as he asked, a faint smile masked his face. His eyes, however, were as cold as ice as he stared at Darren.

A furrow appeared between Darren's brows as he replied, "This man had kil

and wanted to kill Darren right at that moment.

"Go to hell. You scum!" Getting on to his dare, Darren gave out a growl. He instantly activated his force of control and tried to open the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Don't act like idiots! You guys stop right now!"

A cold voice was heard coming from the sky. As the figure came closer, a stunning girl landed beside Darren.

Both of them stopped fighting and looked towards the direction of the mysterious girl.

As Darren landed his eyes on her, he immediately recognized that this beautiful lady was Violet Wang. He had met her in the Ancient Void Battlefield.

To Darren's surprise, Roger knew her as well. Roger walked up to her and asked, "Violet, did you know what this guy had done?"

"It is none of your business. But I do know if you dare to kill Darren, you will be in big trouble," Violet coldly replied with slightly raised eyebrows.

"Ha-ha. You have got to be kidding me. You can't fool me. Such a loser will get me into trouble? What a joke." Referring to Darren, Roger retorted with vexation on his face. He was sure that Violet must have known Darren, and she was just bluffing to scare him.

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