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   Chapter 267 Darren Flew Into A Rage

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Darren left the Grand Void Manor and leisurely walked the quiet streets of Talent City.

He sighed, realizing in his heart that if he had not entered the Ancient Void Battlefield, he would not have known about the Heavenly Repression. In which case, even if his sword intent had fused with his blade intent, he would have probably died!

Now that he was the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, he would not be affected by the Heavenly Repression as long as he didn't overuse the fusion of his sword and blade intents. After all, he and the Ancient Void Battlefield were almost one.

"Once I go to the Raksa Sea and get more Primitive Stones, I will reach the Wonder Realm," Darren told himself as he walked the streets. "By then, with just a small amount of dark gold internal force, my strength will skyrocket, and I may even kill the master at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm," Darren continued.

Darren was able to defeat Denise in the Ancient Void Battlefield in part because of his improved abilities, or else he would have been killed before he could perform the dark gold internal force. Darren knew he had come a long way. In that way, Darren considered that he could only kill the master at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm when he first reached the Wonder Realm. He must be very ready and prepared by then, without making a single mistake.

Currently, if he met a grand warrior, he would surely be killed before he even launched an attack. Darren knew he must be on his toes at the moment. This meant that although Darren had integrated his blade and sword intents, he still needed to improve his level and strength. It was vital, and a matter of life and death.

Darren strolled along as he pondered over these questions, without realizing that there were two ghostly figures tailing him. They were watching his every move.

"Shall we kill him now?" one of the two asked his companion.

"No, I don't think that's a good idea. He seems to have a space treasure. Even if we kill him, we can't get his Primitive Stones," replied the other ghostly figure. "Let's wait and see."

"You're right. We have the Grand Blood Refiner's supreme skill to conceal our auras so that even the real grand warriors can't perceive us. We can track him down any time." "Then let's go back and report what we know. There's a good chance that the lad's got the Primitive Stones on him. Now that is something worth reporting."

"Okay, I've marked his blood and breath. He cannot escape from us ever now. Let's go."

After the brief discussion, the two stalkers stoppe

lling was permissible outside Talent City.

In this case, for the time being, Ron wasn't in any danger, and Darren also wanted to get out of the city so as to kill them.

In fact, since Darren now had a sort of a relationship with Chad who was a grand warrior, and the soul of the Lord of Void had gone, it was not a big deal if he killed people in the city. He let Dean take Ron away just because he didn't want their fight to hurt innocent people.


Darren flashed and flew rapidly towards the direction that led outside the city.

Soon he saw his two enemies before him.

"There you are, you little bastard. What an idiot you are I must say. You're willing to risk your life for such a nobody!" Dean's younger brother laughed smugly and wildly. The madness seemed to be a family trait.

"I'll kill him first, ha-ha!" he continued to laugh hysterically.

He went on to raise his hand in order to hit Ron.

As a master who had just reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, he could kill ten thousand people as weak as Ron with just one blow.

However, at the exact moment when his hand was about to touch Ron, a shadow flickered past him, forcing his palm to stop before Ron's forehead.

"What speed!" Dean, who was watching them, exclaimed in surprise. He immediately decided to quickly kill Darren, so, he urged his younger brother, "Kill the old man. And I'll personally kill the little bastard."

When there was no response from his younger brother, Dean asked, "Did you hear me?" As these words were spoken, Dean sensed something was wrong.

The next moment his face turned ashen white and his lips trembled as he saw his younger brother's head fall from the sky, right under him.

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