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   Chapter 266 Being Shadowed By Someone

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As the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren tried to detect the breath of the old guardian of the Ancient Void Battlefield, but he failed.

"Farewell, sir." Darren's voice was flat. He allowed the guardian of the Ancient Void Battlefield to leave.

A moment later, Darren turned and strode to the eleventh space.

"Darren, please get some magic herbs for me to cultivate. Perhaps I can leave this place for a walk after entering the Holy Realm. That will be pretty cool." Finley spoke as he followed Darren.

"Do it yourself," Darren answered, coldly. He was in no mood to cater to Finley's request.

"I can't. I can only enter the twelfth and the thirteenth spaces. Get me some magic herbs, please. I am in urgent need of these herbs," Finley implored.

Darren glanced at Finley. Then he activated his spiritual sense and Finley disappeared from the twelfth space.

"Don't use too much. I will kill you if you use all my magic herbs." Darren's voice was heard from above in the second space.

"Please don't worry. I will be careful." On hearing what Darren had said, a grin appeared on Finley's face as he looked up at the sky in the second space.

Darren ignored Finley and continued to enter the eleventh space.

"Denise, I am the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, now." Denise's figure flew to Darren as soon as he entered the eleventh space.

"You made it! You really made it," Denise said. She was so overwhelmed with excitement that tears welled up in her eyes.

"You are free now." Darren smiled as he released his spiritual sense. As promised, Denise was not confined to the eleventh space anymore.

"It's a pity that I can't take you out of the Ancient Void Battlefield. Although this is not true freedom, it is the best that I can do," Darren explained to Denise. He was somewhat disappointed with the limitations he faced.

Since Denise was just a wisp of a soul, she would vanish if she left the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"This is enough. At least I have them to keep me company," she giggled. Denise had never been so happy. She drifted with the wind and landed beside a beautiful lake. As she spoke with Darren, curious little animals gathered around her. Happiness reflected in her expression when Denise found a place with blooming flowers.

Darren didn't follow her. "I am leaving for a little while. I will see you later," his voice reached her ears.

"Go ahead. But please, remember to bring me more furry little creatures," she chuckled. Denise laughed as she played with a pure white bunny.

"Okay," Darren replied as he smiled. Then, he flew to the place where he had entered at the beginning.

As he stepped forward, his figure disappeared from the Ancient Void Battlefield.

After leaving the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren channeled his spiritual sense. The whole Ancient Void Battlefield turned into a grain of sand and suspended in his elixir field.


In the Grand Void

that the Lord of Void had dissipated, none of them dared to breach the rules. Or else, a fight would ensue for possession of the Primitive Stones, and there would be chaos in the land.

"By the way, Uncle Chad, I am looking forward to going to the Raksa Sea. I am not sure whether I need to challenge the superior talents of the Talent Roll before," Darren prompted Chad.

Chad was very happy to hear Darren's words. 'Such talent doesn't need to challenge the inferior cultivators on Talent Roll. Since I am anxious to send him to the Raksa Sea, we can circumvent rules, ' Chad thought.

"Darren, you don't need to challenge the Talent Roll as you are different from the outsiders. We will send a group of superior talents to the Raksa Sea in a month. Come to me then. I will give you some treasures to keep you safe. As for the Primitive Stones, quantity doesn't matter as long as you do your best. Just put your safety above all else,"

Chad replied. Over time, Chad had proven that he could charm people with his words. By expressing his concern for Darren's safety, Chad thought he had earned Darren's loyalty.

"Ha-ha got it. I will take my leave now. I will come to bother Uncle Chad if I have trouble," Darren's voice was flat as he replied to the grand warrior.

"Go, go." Chad smiled and nodded.

After Darren took his leave, the other grand warriors glared at Chad sternly. They tried to persuade Chad to share some Primitive Stones with them.

Their discussion lasted for a long time. At last, Chad had to distribute several Primitive Stones to the other grand warriors. He knew that he would offend the other grand warriors and invite potential trouble if he pocketed all the Primitive Stones.

"Hum, that lad must have kept some Primitive Stones for himself."

In a dark corner of the Grand Void Manor, an insidious man kept a close watch on Darren's departing figure. He was so well hidden that even the grand warriors couldn't detect him!

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