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   Chapter 265 The Master Of The Ancient Void Battlefield

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The guard took note of Darren's bitter smile and said, "As for revenge, I think the same as you. It is virtually impossible for us to get back at him. For many years, I have been trying to find someone who was worthy of inheriting the skill and becoming the master. Don't get me wrong, revenge is possible. It might take several more decades or even hundreds of years. But rest assured, that time will come.

After you inherit the skill, the righteous thing to do is to keep revenge in mind if you want to express your gratitude to Grand Void Emperor. However, if you don't want to or don't have the ability to carry it on, that's fine. No one will blame you."

Darren nodded his head once and said, "Sir, I have one more question. What inheritance has the Grand Void Emperor left behind? There must be some treasures or something, right?"

"Well, the inheritance from the master is not the most shocking or the most precious treasure in the world, but it's quite enough to be of benefit to you. Let me explain..."

Darren nodded in agreement and listened intently.

"Our master said that he wants you to become the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield. He wants you to take control of this little world. Numerous legendary martial skills and magic herbs had been buried inside this little world. It is an enormous treasure for you. I'm sure you will greatly benefit from those invaluable martial resources.

After I discussed it with Shadow Emperor, we came to the conclusion that when you become the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, it will stop you from getting hurt by the Heavenly Repression. If your mingling power isn't strong enough, it will be able to protect you, at the very least."

"Is that true? According to what the Shadow Emperor said, the Heavenly Repression was evolved from the rules from the outside world in the later generations. It came from some kind of repressive power that emitted from both the earth and heaven. How would being the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield be able to avoid its attack?" Darren's curiosity was piqued and he suddenly had a heightened eagerness.

"Yes, the Heavenly Repression is a powerful rule that came from the outside world, but our master had created the Ancient Void Battlefield a long time ago, during the Last Age, therefore the Ancient Void Battlefield was not influenced by the rules of the later ages. It is perfectly natural that the new master of the Ancient Void Battlefield is not restrained by the Heavenly Repression too. However, if the control of this little world is handed over to you now, you won't be able to defend it if some extremely powerful repressive force comes to attack. Your current cultivation stage still isn't good enough. I worry that your life will be put in danger and even the Ancient Void Battlefield will be destroyed.

"I see. I would be willing to accept Grand Void Emperor's offer along with all the consequences, good or bad. Please tell me more." Darren want

should never give the legendary martial skill to your friends or relatives. The legendary martial skill will be repelled by the systems of the outside world. If they force themselves to practice those skills, it will inflict great damage to their bodies. Even yourself—you are only allowed to practice the skill inside the Ancient Void Battlefield. As for those that contain spiritual energy—the magic herbs, the magic spring water, and so on—you can take whatever you like. They are not affected by the rules.

That's all I needed to tell you. I've accomplished my task. It's time for me to take a rest. From now on, the Ancient Void Battlefield is under your control. You should remember that it would be dangerous to offend powerful masters. Your current strength isn't good enough, so if they come to attack the Ancient Void Battlefield, it will be hard for you to protect this little world and you will probably die in the battle."

The guardian went silent for a second and continued, "If you want to open the Ancient Void Battlefield, the process will require an enormous amount of power. According to my calculations, it would be best if you only open it once a month. Also, you should be cautious when you're in the outside world. Whenever you're in real danger, you can enter the Ancient Void Battlefield. It will be able to shelter you from any harm..."

"All right, all right! We get it, old man. Stop blabbering and just leave already. If there's anything else that Darren needs to know, I will tell him." Since Finley and the Shadow Emperor had merged together, they were probably more proficient at aiding Darren than the guardian.

"Finley..." The guardian gave Finley an annoyed smile, almost a grimace.

"What?" Finley nonchalantly raised his brows in response.

"You're such a..." The guardian then started to gradually fade away. "Jerk!" he continued. His voice echoed throughout the battlefield as he disappeared.

"What the hell?" Finley was speechless.

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