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   Chapter 264 The Past Story (Part Two)

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While Finley was busy playing to be the victim, the Shadow Emperor interrupted him, "Finley, I have something that I need your help with."

"Huh?" Finley was so stunned that he turned still as a rock the moment he heard the Shadow Emperor's words. He asked again, "What? You need my help?"


Darren stepped back one space after another. He just stayed in the eleventh space for a short moment, gazing kindly at Denise with a smile, then he left and went on.

"Darren, here you come."

When he was back in the first space, he saw that the guardian had been waiting for him. He approached him slowly.

"Sir, the Shadow Emperor told me that he will let me become the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield."

"Yes, you are right. But before you make a decision, you can listen to my story." The guardian seemed to be indulged in his memories. He started telling the story as if it was still fresh from his mind.

"Actually the Ancient Void Battlefield was the small space of my master that was formed when he had successfully become a holy warrior. The time my master lived was called the Last Age, and that was millions of years ago."

"Millions of years ago? Why does your master's small space still exist now in our age? Is he living now?" Darren asked, surprised. He wondered how the space was still existing and functional if the master was no longer present.

The guardian shook his head and smiled bitterly, "My master was called the Grand Void Emperor. He died a few thousand years after he had become the holy warrior.

My master seemed to predict that was going to happen long before he died so he made some careful arrangement. He tore his soul and left two small pieces at the age of eight. The

forbidden by nature. But it had some other rules to restrict the cultivation. So no one had successfully cultivated three conflicting martial arts skills before him.

As for what I have told you, if you don't understand, then just forget about it. You don't need to understand it anyway. Only one important point you need to know is that my master hope for you to take revenge for him. The hatred has been existing for millions of years."

Hearing what the guardian said, Darren knitted his eyebrows and asked again, "Sir, do you mean that the cultivator with three conflicting martial arts skills is still alive now? The Grand Void Emperor wanted to take revenge for his death and that was why he left this small space, right?"

The guardian nodded his head without saying anything else.

Darren smiled bitterly. The story he had been told was like the "Arabian nights". If everything the guardian said was true, how could he take revenge for the Grand void Emperor? More importantly, how could he fight the grand warrior with three conflicting martial arts skills? It seemed what was being asked for him was more than what he had expected.

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